Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cabin Weekend

After work on Saturday, I finally made it out to Kyle's parents' lake cabin with the pugbear in tow to finish celebrating Kyle's birthday.  We had dinner and then it was time to go out in the pontoon for a ride.  

Kyle had to kayak out to the pontoon because something wasn't working right.  And while his dad was charging the battery, he decided to take Ollie out for a stroll.  She's wearing her Packers coat because there was a pre-season game on Saturday.  Also she looks adorable in it.  So there's that.

Ollie has been out to the cabin more than I have (dang you school), so she has a "spot" on the pontoon and it's in the driver's seat with her Grandpa!  Captain Ollie, at your service!


The night wouldn't be complete without a fire pit and s'mores.   Mmmm.  I <3 smores.

Sunday morning was spent with a cup of coffee overlooking the lake.  And GORGEOUS summer weather.  Bliss.

Which segued into mid-morning book reading in the same chair overlooking the lake.  

And then Kyle coerced me in to taking the kayaks out with him for a spin.  At the last minute he decided Ollie would come with him again because I was too big of a wuss to have her in mine.  But after she kept trying to jump ship out of his kayak, we finally switched her, mid-lake.  Oy Pug.  She loved it though.

Once we got back to land, I figured we might as well find out if she could swim, so I took her for a little swimming lesson.  She can swim for about 8 seconds before she starts to sink like a brick.  Then we had the bright idea of finding an old school life jacket for her to wear since we don't have a doggie one yet.


Cabin weekends are the best.

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Kristin Miller said...

I need more pug photos! SO CUTE! Glad you had fun!