Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 By the Numbers 1,115.5

I apparently didn't do this post for 2013, but here it is, revitalized for 2014!

Miles ran:  698.1

Miles away from my goal:  0. I didn't actually set up, just that it'd be more than 2013, and it was! Despite taking most of the year off after the Bemidji Marathon.

Miles away from last year's mileage:+98.1

Miles per week average: 13.43

Miles per month average:  58.18

Total number of runs: 111

Miles per run average:  6.29

Time spent running:  about 4.5 days

Marathons: 1

Times I dropped from the full to a half after registering:  0!

Half Marathons: 6

10 mile: 0

10K: 1

5 mile:  0

5K: 2

3k: 1 (accidentally)

1 mile:  0

PRs accomplished:  1.  Auto PR whoop whoop!

Pairs of shoes purchased: ?? No clue. I've been stop piling shoes for years now, so I'm not sure which ones were actually purchased this year.

Hotel nights booked:  5

Flights taken:  1

Race road trips taken:  5  

Number of runners met: 7-- a group of gals at group runs for 605 Running Co and Janna who I was literally running into at races and group runs all over the place! AND Kristin in NYC!

People I'm still bummed I didn't meet: I don't think I had any missed opportunities.

Runner BFF Race Weekend Reunions:  0. Not acceptable.

States crossed off my "run a race in every state" list: 1. New York.

Awesome Race Photos garnered:  2--Only a couple from Bemidji, but they were FREE which was awesome. My mom snagged lots of good ones though!

Dear God I can't believe you'd post those race pics on the internet:  0... that I can remember. No since in digging and proving myself wrong.

Cute boys encountered on the bike trail:  0.
Number of marathons I wanted to DNF halfway through: 1 of 1.

Number of times I was proud of my racing efforts:  5 out of 10. Not bad.

Number of times Kyle ran with me:  0

Number of times my mom ran with me while I was racing: 2! 

Miles biked:  145

Hours of yoga classes attended: 33

Hours of barre classes attended:  4

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