Thursday, January 15, 2015

Spring Book Excitement

As a librarian (in-training, technically I don't have the official title, someday!) I have access to advanced reader copies of books to read, provide feedback, and promote through readers advisory interactions with my library customers (and all my booknerd friends, hi guys!). This is awesome because I get to preview awesome books I'm super excited about it, but this also means that my to be read stack of books is mountainous.

I figured it'd be swell of me to pass along the mountainous list of books that are high on my radar so you can either buy them (affiliate links if you want to contribute a nickel or two toward a future race fee) or put them on hold at your library and get your hands on the copies as soon as your library has them available.

The Darkest Part of the Forest is Holly Black's newest book. Her books are always dark and eerie and oh so delightful.

The Alex Crow is the newest book by Andrew Smith. If I could read a new book by Andrew Smith every month, that wouldn't be frequently enough. Can you just stop sleeping altogether to keep up with my demand, Andrew? kthx.

  All the Rage. I read a zombie apocalypse book by Courtney Summers, so I'm pretty excited to dive into her newest one.

Author of Water for Elephants's newest book At the Water's Edge is out in April and it's being described as the Scottish Downton Abbey.

  More Happy Than Not is by a new author (to me) but has been touted as a cross between Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and something else. To be honest, it had me sold at ESoaSM.

  I always dig Sarah Pekkanen's books for a good light read, and typically want to move to whichever locale she's describing, I'm sure Things You Won't Say wont' disappoint me in that regard.

Fear thee not, I'll do full reviews on these (and many many more) as I get them read, so check back to see if they're as great as I'm expecting!

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