Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

I started the week with a gentle vinyasa class. I thought the picture below was fitting for all the snow that was forecasted to hit later in the day.

Tuesday I woke up super early and went to power vinyasa yoga. This picture will continue to make me lolz for all of eternity.

Wednesday I was sick. Blah.

Thursday I worked a later shift, and was still feeling under the weather, so I slept in as late as possible, skipping any classes. See above photo.

Friday I had the day off, so I met my co-worker Emily for power vinyasa yoga. We worked on crow, and it was a blast.

Saturday I worked so no yoga for me. harumph.

Sunday I woke up and met Emily for more power vinyasa. We worked on mermaid pose, which is one of my favorites, despite having tight hips.

 I wore my new teeki leggings, and when I got in my car after class, I was smokin'! 

Sunday after watching the Packers play to a victory, I went to my weekly butt kicking yoga sculpt class. We seemed to focus primarily on arms and squats. One of our cardio sessions was pure torture, in which we listened to the song Thunderstruck, and every time they said Thunder we had to do a burpee, and then we did different types of cardio for the rest of the song when they weren't saying Thunder (which was rarely). Uff da. That was a work out.

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