Friday, January 2, 2015

December in Review + Goals

December in Review

It seems somewhat silly to do a review on a month were I barely ran, but I do like to compare stats from year to year, and December 2015 Jeri will be super annoyed at December 2014 Jeri for not posting this, so here it is.

Total Miles: 4.5 miles down from 12.1 last month.  

Total Time:  44:00 down from 2:00:00 last month. (23 hours of yoga/barre classes!) 

Total Runs: 1

Highest weekly mileage: 4.5 miles 12/8-12/14 (6 hours of classes the week of Xmas!)

Favorite run: Group run at 605 Running Co to look at Christmas lights.

Most hardcore run: NA

Favorite race: None.

Bike Miles: 0.

Yoga Classes
: A lot. 19 yoga classes and 4 barre classes.
Power Vinyasa--9
Gentle vinyasa--4

Favorite Jam: Taylor Swift's Blank Spaces.

December Goals
  • 1 hard yoga class/week (4+/4) With the yoga challenge, I did waaaay more than 1 hard class a week. Whoop.
  • 1 easy yoga class/week (4/4) I usually try to do two of the restorative classes/week, but I tried a lot of different classes for the challenge and ended up skipping a couple of restorative, but I hit 1 gentle class per week.
  • 2 runs/week (1/8) Woof. Not even close.
  • 1 buddy run/group run a week (1/4)
  • Complete the yoga challenge at the studio (edited to add as the challenge was announced December 1st): Attend 15 classes at the studio, including two vinyasa, two hot, two sculpt, and one fusion or restorative class. (19/15!)

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