Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

After a weekend of excess, it didn't take much for Jenn to convince me to come with her to back to back classes. And then we got yelled at for Jenn signing me up for an intermediate class, when a certain amount of intro classes are required. That did not help me being concerned about dying. Luckily I did survive.

And then we went to a power vinyasa class. I was super ready for food when we were done.

 Tuesday she tried to kill me again, and took me to another double, this time a barre class, followed by another rev class. The cycling class was easier and only 45 minutes, but my legs were still super tired from the night before.

 Wednesday morning, Jenn and I practiced our handstands and headstands at her place.

I got home Thursday night, and was excited to head back to my yoga studio on Friday for a power vinyasa class. It felt super hard, and my body felt dead and weak. Blech.

Sunday I went to a power vinyasa class before work. I felt a little stronger than Friday, but my body still feels all out of whack.


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