Friday, June 5, 2015

May in Review

May in Review

Total Miles: 17.2 up from 3 last month. Lolz. April was a rough mouth for running. Hashtag alltheyoga. Down from from 61.5 last May.

Total Time 2:45:57 up from 33 minutes last month. Ha. Last May I ran 9:57:55.

Total Runs: 5 runs, for an average of 3.44 miles per run. 

Highest weekly mileage:
5/18/2015 – 5/24/2015:8.2 mi1:18:07

Favorite run
5 mile "hilly" long run at a decent pace. Yeah, you just saw me put favorite and long in the same sentence. Probably because the length of the run wasn't 16-20 miles long. :P

Most hardcore run
Tempo run to and from barre on hills. No clue how I held a fast past after barre.

Favorite race

Bike Miles: None.

Yoga: 21:30 hours. I spent almost a day of this month getting my om on. Whoa. And this doesn't count the full weekends spent toward my 200 hour training (except for the hours we were actually flowing/practicing). Wowsers. I'm surprised by that total!

Barre: 2:30 hours.

Favorite Jam: 

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