Friday, June 26, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

I started off the week with a group run at the running store followed by a yoga flow that I led!

Saturday I ran my first race of 2015. I did a quick warm up before with some strides and then raced a 5k.

I went to an awesomely tough and sweaty power vinyasa class Sunday morning and learned just how fatigued my legs were from the race. Whoa.

I'd also signed up for a 2 hour arm balance workshop. Which I regretted almost immediately because of how hot it was. Uff. It was stellar and I learned a lot, but a recovery post race, this was not.

Tuesday night was spent at the barre. 

Wednesday night was the best group run yet--a group run at the new brewery in town! The run was short and sweet and the beer was cold and delicious. Win, win!

Friday I ran to BarreAmped Cardio, and within 15 minutes of the class starting, I realized that doing my cardio BEFORE a cardio class was d-u-m-b. It was so tough, and I almost died from sweat, if that's a thing. Needless to say, my trip home was a run/walk. And my glutes were sore for daaaaaaays.

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