Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Weekly Reads: #GIRLBOSS

#GIRLBOSS has been on my radar since it came out a year ago, and I finally had a chance to dig into it. I'm not familiar with Amoruso's Nasty Gal brand, but it was interesting reading about her unorthodox entrapreneurial rise. She had some good advice, and some other duh advice.

Fast interesting read.

My rating: 3 stars.

Summary from goodreads:

The founder of Nasty Gal offers a sassy and irreverent manifesto for ambitious young women

At seventeen, Sophia Amoruso decided to forgo continuing education to pursue a life of hitchhiking, dumpster diving, and petty thievery. Now, at twenty-nine, she is the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Nasty Gal, a $100+ million e-tailer that draws A-list publicity and rabid fans for its leading-edge fashion and provocative online persona. Her story is extraordinary—and only part of the appeal of #GIRLBOSS.

This aspirational book doesn’t patronize young women the way many business experts do. Amoruso shows readers how to channel their passion and hard work, while keeping their insecurities from getting in the way. She offers straight talk about making your voice heard and doing meaningful work.

She’s proof that you can be a huge success without giving up your spirit of adventure or distinctive style. As she writes, "I have three pieces of advice I want you to remember: Don’t ever grow up. Don’t become a bore. Don’t let The Man get to you. OK? Cool. Then let’s do this.”

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