Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

Monday I took advantage of the holiday and woke up for an hour of barreamped.

Followed immediately by gentle vinyasa yoga. FYI gentle vinyasa doesn't feel very gentle after an hour of barre.

Wednesday night I did an at home ashtanga practice. Ollie stared at me the whole time.

Thursday night I spent an hour practicing my flow for my practice class for Sunday. I tried to get Ollie to snuggle with me during savasana, but she wasn't having it. She's the worst.

Friday we kicked off our second to last weekend of yoga teacher training with a class that focused on building to a peak pose. We finished with mermaid pose, which is one of my favorites.

Saturday morning we had a class focused on our bandhas. Holy hard.

Saturday afternoon we spent practice teaching or classmates. Which means we spent 2.5 hours practicing. And we practiced taught a 12-15 minute flow, so the 2.5 hours were essentially the INTENSE parts of every power class, but for 2.5 hours straight. Uff.

So yeah, needless to say that my body was destroyed on Sunday. We had a quick personal flow before the last day of teacher training, and then we spent the last hour of the day being led through a yin class. 

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