Friday, January 13, 2017

2016 By the Numbers

Miles ran:  589.9

Miles away from my goal (set in October):  110.1

Miles away from last year's mileage: +448.4

Miles per week average:  11.34. However I didn't really start running until mid April so 15.52 is probably closer to accurate.

Miles per month average:  49.16 (69.5)

Time spent running:  113:11:12 or 7.7 days!


Half Marathons: 3

10 mile: 0
8 mile: 1

10K: 1

5 mile: 0
4 mile: 1

5K: 8!

1 mile: 0

PRs accomplished:  2 (auto PRs :P)

Pairs of shoes purchased: 2. I ran so little in 2015 that I was still using up shoes I stockpiled then!
Hotel nights booked: 1

Flights taken: 0

Race road trips taken: 1

Number of runners met: Countless. I love Sioux Falls Women Run and 605 Running co!!

States crossed off my "run a race in every state" list:  None.

Awesome Race Photos garnered: 

Number of sub 4 crash and burn attempts: 0! Oh man, someday this will be a thing again, right?

Number of times I was proud of my racing efforts: 2 halfs and 7 5ks!

Number of times Kyle ran with me: 0 but he did bike along side of me for a few runs which was nice. :)

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