Monday, January 30, 2017

Mizuno Wave Rider Love

Once upon a running Jerbear, I used to be a Asics nimbus lover. And then they started to just not work for me, so I went out searching for greener pastures. I had a brief stint with Saucony Kinvara. In fact, I think I ran most of my PRs in those shoes.... hmmm... However, I had some form issues I was working through and the lesser cushioning coupled with a mega heal strike led me to some injuries.

Around this same time I also started running in the Mizuno Wave Riders, which I loooooooove.

I'm currently on my eleventh pair of Wave Riders, and this doesn't include the small stockpile in my closet that I got for Christmas presents. I love that my training log includes a place for equipment, so I can easily see how much I spent on the shoes, how many miles I got out of the shoes, and the average cost per mile.

Most I've spent on the shoes: $115
Least I've spent on the shoes: $60

The most miles I've ever gotten on the shoes: 475 when I was training for my first marathon and at my lightest weight.
The least miles I've gotten on the shoes: 340 is what I tend to get now. I have actually retired two pairs at the exact mileage at 351, which is kind of crazy.

I can usually tell when a shoe is ready to be retired, and am always shocked when I look at the total mileage on there and usually realize I'm right. Due to my lesser running the last two years, I'm currently running in shoes that I bought in 2014/2015. Ahhh!! I will confess that I've been stockpiling cheap Wave Riders for years, so if I bought them in those years, they might have hung in the closet a bit before they were unveiled. My new training log doesn't list the purchase date, and my old one did. Sniffle. Extra data. :( Hah.

Another thing I love to see is the average cost per mile. The least cost was 18-19 cents with a couple of pairs of the kinvaras (mostly because they were cheap to start! they aren't very high mileage shoes). The highest was 31-34 cents per mile (mostly shoes that I paid full price for).

What's your ride or die shoe? Do you ever waiver?

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Susan said...

BROOKS FOR LIFE! I started running in the Adrenaline in 2001, then switched to the Ravenna in 2009-ish. I've thought about getting a new running analysis post-surgery to see if I should be mixing it up a little. I've actually never run in Mizunos!