Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Base Building Week 2

Week of January 2-9

Monday Planned: General Aerobic 4 miles
Monday Actual: 4 Miles recovery. Since I did my long run on Sunday, I switched my four miles to recovery to save my body. It was super icy out so that helped keep the pace slow and my heart rate low. Avg HR 143.

Tuesday Planned: Rest/Cycling
Tuesday Actual: Sanford POWER session, 60 minutes.

Wednesday Planned: General Aerobic 5 miles, 6x100 meter strides
Wednesday Actual: General Aerobic 4 miles. Stomach was really upset so I did Friday's workout. Treadmill miles so my HR was higher than I had hoped it'd be because it was hot in there!

Thursday Planned: Rest/Cycling
Thursday Actual: Rest. Sweet sweet rest. Red wine drinking. Is that considered cross training?

Friday Planned: General Aerobic 4 miles
Friday Actual: General Aerobic 5 miles, 6x100 meter strides. Really glad I swapped my Friday and Wednesday run because I was able to do this run outside. Even though there was ice and dark areas, I was still able to open up my stride for a little bit of speedwork. Despite running considerably faster than Wednesday (probably 40 seconds per mile), my heart rate was significantly lower. 

Saturday Planned: Rest
Saturday Actual: Rest

Sunday Planned: Endurance 9 Miles
Sunday Actual: Nothing. :( A bunch of my friends were running 36 miles for their birthdays. I wanted to run with them in the morning, but it was so cold. -20, no thank you. I had plans to run with two of my friends after the Packers game. I tweaked my back in the morning, and then my stomach was super upset during the game. All signs were pointing toward, no run. Sadsies.


Total Mileage Planned: 22 miles
Total Mileage Actual: 13 miles

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