Friday, January 27, 2017

Too Cold to Hold Race Goals

The Too Cold to Hold half marathon was an excuse for me to go down to Texas to see my family, see Dominique, and a reason to keep my running up over the terrible winter months. I fell off the wagon a bit in December (see also: very very cold) and sucked it up in January because 13.1 miles is a long way to run if you aren't ready for it.

There are a few variables not on my side for this race. Mostly, I have been training in negative degree temps. So even if Dallas has a major cold front come through and its in the 40s the morning of the race, that'll still be 50 degrees warmer than what I have been running in. Eeps! Also, I've been following a base building program to gear up for my Brookings Half marathon training cycle. So I've been doing a lot of slow miles. That doesn't necessarily lend itself to a speedy race time, but that is okay with me, because this isn't a goal race!

I'm excited to run another half, regardless.

A Goal--2:07. All the stars in the night sky would probably need to align for this to happen.

B Goal--Sub 2:10. My training leading up to the Monster Dash half was really really strong, and I barely squeaked in under 2:10.

C Goal--2:12. This was my pie in the sky goal for the Sioux Falls half marathon last September, so it's kind of fun that it's my C goal for this race.

No matter what my time is, I'm just excited for a little get away and a change of scenery while I run some hard effort miles!

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