Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Base Building Week 4

Week of January16-22

Monday Planned: General Aerobic 5 miles
Monday Actual: 5 General Aerobic Miles. This was the run I did where I was shocked how much quicker my pace is at my GA heart rate zone. Wahoo! After the run I id a 45 minute hot power yoga class.

Tuesday Planned: Rest/Cycling
Tuesday Actual: 70 Minutes of Sanford POWER.

Wednesday Planned: General Aerobic 4 Miles
Wednesday Actual: 3 General Aerobic Miles. The bike trails were very slick so we were pretty pokey. I had wanted 3.5, but the trail was so slick that I turned around at 1.5 miles. I taught vinyasa yoga after so I got some good stretching in with the crew.

Thursday Planned: General Aerobic 6 Miles with 6x100 meter strides
Thursday Actual: Rest. Still SO SORE from Power. Uff.

Friday Planned: Rest/Cycling
Friday Actual: Rest. Insanely foggy after work. Realized it'd be pretty dangerous to run in zero visibility as drivers don't typically see runners when the visibility is great. Bought an AWESOME reflective vest with a blinking light so I won't have this excuse in the future!

Saturday Planned: Endurance 8 Miles
Saturday Actual: Taught 2 back to back yoga classes. Planned to go out for 5-6 after yoga but it didn't happen.

Sunday Planned: Rest
Sunday Actual: Toni and I met up to do our long run. I was planning 8-9 with the last 3rd turned up to half marathon race pace. The bike trail was so slick we both decided it wasn't worth it to hurt ourselves before our upcoming halfs (she's racing next weekend too!). Got in 4.25 miles of ice skating.

Planned Mileage: 25 miles
Total Mileage: 12.4 miles. Uff. Taper? Sure.

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