Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maintenance Training Week 4

Week of June 12-18

Monday: Monday night I went to the June 5k series even though I did not want to run, I wanted to go home and eat ice cream directly out of the carton. I did a two mile warm up followed by a short 5k (3.01 miles).

Tuesday: Tuesday morning I taught a 30 minute yin yoga class, and ran two miles after. It was so hot and humid my recovery run took a year to finish. So much walking in the walk/run that it could be considered walking with a dash of running throw in.

Ollie and I did some core work together after.

Wednesday: I wanted to run some extra miles before the group run on Wednesday, but my stomach had other ideas. I waited it out and managed to get in 3 miles with Molly who was in town to visit from FL! And a full house for yoga after.

Thursday: I made my way out to Good Earth after work. I was so thankful that Sally was there to go to the less insane loop of the trail to get in some miles together. It was so muggy. Uff.

Friday: 60 minutes of POWER at Sanford to start the day at 5:30am. Followed by my first "long" run since Brookings. I was hoping for 6-8 miles, but with the trillion percent humidity I opted for six. My legs felt pretty tired from lifting, and I drank about 24 oz of water during that hour run.

Saturday: REST. Five days in a row of running, my legs were ready for a break.

Sunday: Recovery run in cooler temps (finally!). Felt effortless and I wanted to run forever, but I had to get to work. Managed to run through the carnival as they were taking down the rides, which was kind of fun to witness.

Total Mileage: 23.26 miles

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