Monday, June 12, 2017

Yoga Rocks the Park

In March of 2015, I started my 200 hour yoga teacher training through Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha, Nebraska. They sent staff up to Sioux Falls every other weekend for 5 months as we got to open up their brains and pour their knowledge into ours.

One of my favorite teachers organizes an awesome outdoor donation based yoga class that is on Sunday afternoons. Last summer, I tried to coordinate a weekend trip down there, hoping to take my mom along because I thought she'd enjoy just listening to the music and soaking up the energy, but either the weather wasn't good, my schedule didn't work, or my mom was too sick. Since it was her birthday weekend last weekend, I wanted to make sure I did fun stuff to celebrate her to keep myself from being in a state of mourning.

So Emily and I packed up after our 5k and drove down to Omaha. And since I had never actually been to Lotus before, that was our second stop! Home! or H (om) E. I finally snagged myself a coveted cat/cow tank top and then we popped over to the Farmer's Market.

I felt like we totally earned brunch after our sweaty walks to Lotus and through the Farmer's Market, but I had to be lame and abstain from alcohol because I was so nervous about the heat. This ginger/lemon/sparkling deliciousness was spot on, and I chugged about a gallon of water to prepare. The guac+toast+egg was what brunch dreams were made of.

It was record heat through the weekend, so Emily and I were nervous about outdoor yoga. I DON'T LIKE HEAT. I was drinking water like crazy and we showed up at the event two hours early to scope out a shady spot. We snagged them early on and were sweating just sitting on our mats. I got to see my two favorite yoga teachers and we shared hugs.

And then class started and it started to sprinkle. With the bluest of skies and brightest sun. And then it started to rain a little harder, quickly turning to flash flood level downpour, but we were so hot that we just kept flowing. And then the sound system cut out and we listened closer to MC's cues, just smiling and laughing through it all.

It was the most magical and awesome yoga class of my life. And as we wrapped up savasana the insanely oppressive heat was back, and we were on our way back to SoDak. Craziness.

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