Tuesday, July 25, 2017

All American Rejects Concert

Earlier this summer, All American Rejects and Dashboard Confessionals announced their touring schedule. I was so ecstatic that they were coming near-ish to me. I barely had to ask Toni if she was interested and she said yes. And THEN AAR announced that they were going to headline a small show in Sioux Falls. EVEN BETTER.

We snagged ourselves VIP tickets and hung out not drenched in sweat wearing running clothes (this is a rarity).

See look! Proof! Interesting story: Toni was shopping and almost bought an identical dress to mine to wear to the concert. I shouldn't be surprised, but it made me LOL nonetheless. 

We opted for the VIP tickets since they're on the balcony and we're both shorties, but then we got stuck behind tall people and when you're already up, and then looking up, guess who doesn't see the stage? Short girls.

Luckily as the opener went on, drunk people needed to use the restroom and get more to drink so we slid our way into their spots, finally landing on the BEST POSSIBLE SPOTS. Like right up on the railing, front and center. And to make it EVEN BETTER, the super drunk chick next to me who kept whapping me on the arm with her giant mane of hair, was buffered by one of her friends so I no longer had to deal with her hair sweating to my body upon impact.

I barely took any photos because concert photos never turn out, so why waste your time, and just enjoy it, right? Toni did snag some with her better iPhone camera, so I borrowed some of those.

One of the first compliments that I ever got from Toni was shortly after we became friends, when she complimented me on my yoga playlist and said that we had really similar taste in music. Thank goodness I have a concert buddy to help me relive the good ol' days!

As the concert was winding down, I asked Toni to guess the encore song. And then I chuckled and told her the set list was right below me. 

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