Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Maintenance Training Week 7

Week of July 3-9

Monday: I had Kyle convinced to join me on his bike for 2-3 miles to accompany me after work for my run. And then I stepped outside, and could barely breathe. So we scrapped the run instead. And ate ice cream out of the carton. Perfect race eve fuel. Duh.

Tuesday: Lennox Firecracker 5k. Had planned to get in 6 miles for the day and got in 3.13 and not a step more. I did walk a good mile afterward just trying to get my heart rate to come down.

Wednesday: It was so hot and humid that I convinced my yoga class to do yoga inside instead of on the beautiful deck, and I skipped my run. So hot, so cranky. We did a lovely 60 minutes of yin stretching inside.

Thursday: And after a few days of hades level temps, I finally vowed to start running in the morning. Thank goodness. I ran from my house and met Toni about a mile in to the run, we did 3 miles together and then I headed home for 5 miles total.

Friday: Back to POWER. I was sweating my ass off in the middle of our warm up. So that's embarrassing. We had a week off, so I knew I'd be sore, so I made myself take a really easy 2 mile jog after to flush out my legs a bit.

Obsessed with my new Oregon Track Club tank.

Saturday: We had our first long run in quite awhile. We had planned for 6-8 and knocked 8 out of the park. My stomach was a little iffy on the final mile, but it felt really good otherwise. Our splits were insanely even and it was great to have my running buddy back!

I taught a 60 minute yoga class after with lots of hip openers because I realized I couldn't demo any warriors or lunges without opening my hips. Oops.

Sunday: Rest. Sweet sweet rest. And core work. But mostly rest.

Total Mileage: 20.2 miles

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