Thursday, July 13, 2017

Twin Cities 10 Mile Lottery

My running buddy, Toni and I signed up for the Twin Cities 10 Mile lottery last weekend. It's open for 10 days before participants are selected. I ran the race in 2010 and desperately would like to run it again this year since I'm planning to run the TCM full in 2018 (eeps!) We registered as a team so we'll either get in together or not.

I have a room booked at the finish line that has a shuttle to the start for roughly a million dollars a night, so that'll be fun and not break the bank at all. There are a few other Sioux Falls lady runners who are applying for the lottery as well, so hopefully we can have a full room to cut down the cost a bit.

A few of my runner friends were talking about the Crazy Horse Half Marathon the following weekend, so we decided that will be our back up plan if TC10 doesn't work out.

Cross your fingers for us please!!

Also, it's totally our one year runnerfriendivarsary today, so yay us! Thanks for being my BRF Toni! You've made the last year of running way more fun than it has been in a really long time!

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