Monday, July 17, 2017

Things I Am Loving Right Now

It's been awhile since I've posted about things that I'm loving right now. But here's a new one!

  • Playing House
Every podcast I follow had the two lead actresses/writers on their show prior to the newest season's premiere, and I realized that I needed to be watching this show. Luckily I have access to all of the previous seasons and episodes on demand, so I've been watching every spare second. It reminds me how important good friends are.

  • Running in the Morning
I know. Hear me out. I hate running in the morning. But it has been hotter than hell here, roughly all summer long, so I've been forced to run early in the morning on most days. I'm still doing easy shorter runs in the heat of the day to keep working on heat acclimation, but long runs and speed work are starting in the 5's for sure.

  • J Crew Daybreak Dress
One of my good friends from college sent me a text last week with a super cute dress that I needed. And she was correct, I needed it. And because it was J Crew Factory and all sale items were an additional 50% off, I also needed the rest of the dresses in that style. Three dresses later.... I think I'm set on my work wardrobe for a little bit.

  • Watermelon
I can't tell you how many runs I've gotten through lately knowing that there's a ginormous bowl full of watermelon waiting for me at home in the fridge. It's basically like mega hydrating but more delicious. I'm going to ignore the fact that my stomach seems to be hating the watermelon consumption. Everything that tastes good, right stomach? Kewl.

Anything else you're loving right now that I should add to my list?!

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