Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Twin Cities 10 Training Week 2

Week of July 17-23

Monday Planned: General Aerobic + Speed 7 miles 6x12 sec uphill, 6x100
Monday Actual
General Aerobic + Speed 7 miles 6x12 sec uphill, 6x100
Toni and I left our houses at 5:15am to meet up and get in our miles before she had to be home to shower and head down south for a training for work. We meet about a mile from our houses, and we both started laughing as soon as we saw each other. Even when we don't plan to dress alike, we do.

There are zero hills in the town we live, so we found the one incline, and used that for our 6 repeats. We did those during the 3rd mile. Miles 5 & 6 included the 100 m strides. It felt awesome to have 7 miles done before 6:30am!

Tuesday Planned
General Aerobic 5 miles 
Tuesday Actual: I lead a group run and 30 minute express yoga class on Tuesdays, so I got there extra early to get in 2 solo miles. I took them very slow and leisurely. The air was so incredibly thick and heavy. I met up with Sarah for the last 3 miles which we also took very slow and leisurely for 5 total miles of recovery.

I didn't work until noon on Tuesday, so after our run, I treated myself to a lavender epsom salt bubble bath with a side of caffeine. I kept having nightmares all night that I slept in and missed leading the run and yoga so I ended up getting up at 4:24am, and was feeling the effects of that anxiety. Uff.

Wednesday Planned LT 8 miles, 16 min, 12 min with 4 min jogs in between 
Wednesday Actual: L
T 8 miles, 16 min, 12 min with 4 min jogs in between 
I only worked until noon on Wednesday, so the original plan was to do this workout before and during the group run at the running store. Unfortunately, the heat advisory caused us to change our minds. It was a real feel of 105-110, so we met in the morning before work. It was so thick and swampy out. Uff da. The tempo miles were hard, but doable. I wished I had brought my water bottle and maybe a GU. I was tired by the time we were done. **I also got a 2 hour massage...... ahhhhhh.....**

Thursday Planned
Thursday Actual: Rest. Since I ran long Saturday and had some recovery miles to make up on Sunday, I yet again had ran 5 days in a row without a break. I had to do my log run Friday, so I knew I needed to take a rest day, plus I was exhausted. So tired.

Friday Planned: Sanford POWER + Endurance 10 miles
Friday Actual: I went to an All American Rejects concert on Thursday night and didn't get home until Midnight. And I drank coffee at 6pm to help me not fall asleep before AAR went on. The adrenaline from the concert plus the caffeine meant that I didn't fall asleep until 2:30 ish. When my alarm went off at 4:45am, I rolled over and went back to bed. The thunderstorms rolled through shortly thereafter, causing my long run to be cancelled too.

Saturday PlannedRest
Saturday Actual: I had to work on Saturday. After my long run was stormed out on Friday, I briefly considered waking up VERY early to get it in Saturday before work, but another line of storms were projected for the early morning, so it got pushed to Sunday. Which I hate. BUT my BRF who was going to be out of town all weekend, came home in time to run with me on Sunday, making my decision to push the run just a-ok in my book.

Sunday PlannedGeneral Aerobic 3 mile
Sunday Actual: Endurance 10 miles.

Long run with the BRF! It was SO MUCH COOLER than it has been, omg. I don't know how many times we were talking about how beautiful it was out. It was in the mid to high 60s and maybe hit 70 by the time we finished. It felt a little humid when we first started, but it really let up and felt glorious. I had to take a million bathroom stops (or so it felt) but after the last one we picked up the pace just a little bit to finish the last 3 miles strong. Our miles were eerily consistent. Like I couldn't run that consistent if I tried. Creepy. 

Also got in a 60 minute slow candlelight yoga flow followed by 60 minutes of restorative yoga. I've been running #allofthemiles and doing #noneoftheyoga outside of what I've been teaching, and my hips and psoas are in desperate need of some TLC!

Total Mileage Planned: 33 miles

Total Mileage Actual:  33 miles! 2nd highest mileage week of the entire year, and probably the second highest mileage week of the last 2.5 years, if we're being specific, but I'm too lazy to check. :P

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