Friday, September 8, 2017

Sioux Falls Half Marathon Race Goals

Sunday's Sioux Falls Half Marathon is my 13th consecutive Sioux Falls Half Marathon and my 32nd half marathon. This is the first time ever that I'm doing the race as a training run for a goal race later in the fall. The workout is 13 miles with the last three at lactate threshold pace.

My plan is to run the first ten around 10:30 pace with the last 3.1 near 9:00 pace. If I run that exactly as planned, I think that puts me around 2:12. Last year I predicted a 2:12:08 for my finishing time (which was VERY ambitious, lolz) so it'd be kind of fun to run close to that time. But truly I just want to have a good time and get to cheer on a bunch of my friends and get a finisher medal after running my long run!

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