Thursday, September 14, 2017

Twin Cities 10 Training Week 9

Week of September 4-10

Monday Planned: Recovery 5 Miles 

Monday Actual: 5 recovery miles with Toni in the evening. I had terrible heartburn during most of the run so I was super thankful it was just a recovery run. Woof.

Tuesday Planned
General Aerobic + Speed 8 miles 2 sets 6x100 
Tuesday Actual
General Aerobic + Speed 8 miles 2 sets 6x100. I really hoped that Toni was going to sleep in and skip this run so I could also sleep in and skip this run. But she didn't, and neither did I and it was awesome to get 8 miles done before the sun was barely up. And you can't quite see it, but it was 48 degrees on that sign. Yessssss.

Wednesday PlannedVO2 Max 9 miles, 5x1200 @ 3k-5k pace
Wednesday ActualVO2 Max 9 miles, 5x1200 @ 3k-5k pace Track work! We did 3 miles at the group run, nice and easy paced. Yoga class, then headed to the track for our workout. Similar workout to two weeks ago, but +200m for each of the repeats. Felt great!

Thursday Planned
POWER + Recovery 4 Miles
Thursday Actual: Recovery 3.25 miles with the 605 beer run. Literally ran to pick up our sushi orders and brought them back to listen to some OG runners give a panel discussion.

Friday PlannedGeneral Aerobic 4 Miles
Friday Actual
Rest. I slept in and skipped our recovery run. Sorry Toni!

Saturday PlannedRest
Saturday ActualGeneral Aerobic 4.4 Miles + 60 minute yoga class. I taught yoga and then planned to do a recovery run right after, but I had drama with my race bib and didn't end up doing my shake out run until 4 or 5pm and I was starvvvvvving.

Sunday PlannedEndurance 13.1, last 3 miles at LT: Sioux Falls Half Marathon 
Sunday Actual: Sioux Falls Half Marathon! (race report to come!)

Total Mileage Planned: 43 miles
Total Mileage Actual:  43.08 miles--PEAK WEEK COMPLETE!

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