Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Twin Cities 10 Training Week 8

Week of August 28-September 3

Monday Planned
General Aerobic 4 miles
Monday Actual: Rest day. Still some residual hamstring tightness so I erred on the side of caution.

Tuesday Planned
 General Aerobic + Speed 6 miles 2 sets 4x150m strides
Tuesday ActualGeneral Aerobic 6 miles. Opted to skip the strides to be on the safe side. Legs felt about 90% better.

Wednesday PlannedGeneral Aerobic 3 miles 
Wednesday Actual: 3.5 Miles with the group run at 605 Running Co. I had hoped to do 8 miles to make up for some of the miles, some before yoga some after, but that didn't happen. AND *gasp* we forgot to take a running selfie. Ugh. So sad.

Thursday Planned
LT 9 miles, 36 minutes at tempo
Thursday ActualLT 9 miles, 36 minutes at tempo, it was hot and humid but we did it and did it well! 3 miles warm up, 4 miles at tempo, and 2 miles cool down. Major confidence boost.

Friday PlannedRecovery 3 miles
Friday Actual: Recovery 4 miles. I met up with the coffee run with the hopes of doing 3-4 miles depending on how my legs felt after doing the tempo run about 10 hours earlier. They felt great. I kept it nice and slow but got in an easy 4.

Saturday Planned: GA 3-5 miles.
Saturday Actual: We stayed at Kyle's parents' cabin on Friday night and Ollie was being really weird and wouldn't sleep and then she got sick in the middle of the night. I think I maybe slept 20 minutes. So tired. It was the perfect day for a run too.

Sunday PlannedEndurance 12 miles
Sunday Actual: Ugh. Kyle brought his bike up to our camper to be my bike sherpa Sunday morning, and it did not happen. I barely slept yet again, and despite not having run since Friday morning, I could feel massive knots in my calves, and didn't bring any of my torture devices along to rectify the situation. 

Total Mileage Planned: 36 miles

Total Mileage Actual:  22.58 miles.

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