Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy Holidays

Kyle's BFF was back in town over Christmas, so we put on our fun pants for one whole night to join him.

Several Moscow mules were consumed, but not so many that I couldn't still run 5 miles the next day. Priorities and stuff. Also, so many beards.

On Christmas I got a new NoxGear vest, and was so excited that I proceeded to wear it for most of Christmas present opening. Everyone was... thrilled. I'm sure.

Ollie and I managed to take a super adorable Christmas selfie, but somehow we never got a family picture in our matching Christmas jammies. Given how much I $pent on Ollie's I'm more than a little bummed.

A bunch of my favorite people joined me at my favorite local brewery after yoga for some beers to celebrate my birthday. Obviously Toni bought me a new matching stocking hat for us to show off.

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