Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did Somebody Say Marathon Training?

What's this now (<--totally stole that phrase from Nick, cracks me up every time)?  *I've* been talking marathon training?  Non-stop?  Nooooooo.  I'm never one to talk obsessively about something, especially when it comes to running.

Ok, you got me.  I think everyone in the tri-state area knows that I started Marathon Training!!!  this week.  (Does anyone else hear some loud booming voice from the heavens every time I type Marathon Training!!!?  No?  Just me?  Ok then, moving on.)  Your mom probably even knows, ask her.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm pretty darn excited about it.

I figured it was high time for that ol' Marathon Training!!! Program reveal and such.  I used, as I've fallen slightly in love with their training programs as they have carried me to 2 HM PRs over the last year.  I like that there is still some speedwork incorporated into the training runs, so it's not a complete beginner schedule (which there is nothing wrong with, you just know I heart speedwork).  I chose to do a 14 week schedule because 16 just seemed too G.D. long.  I also did some swapping around of the long runs, as they had me scheduled to do 3 20 milers, which seems like a LOT.  I know some of you vets swear by it, but 3 was enough to scare me into the fetal position on my couch, so I swapped out one for another 16 miler.  Without much further ado, here she is:  (Please note Runnersworld has me predicted to run a sub-4 hour marathon...BAHAHAHAHAHAH! :P)

Yes, I will be breaking my personal distance PR already next weekend with 14 and hardly looking back until mid-May.  Excited = understatement.  Scared poopless = absolutely.

I started the training Monday with an easy 6 mile run.  Because I'm an idiot and raced on Sunday , against my better judgement (and not to brag, but totally took 1st in my AG, and was overall female ya...pretty legit) I H-U-R-T on Monday.  We're talking shuffling around the office, shin pain (I used to get horrific shin splints in HS track), hip issues, and tight hammies.  Holy hell, I'm an idiot.  I usually take my easy runs around a 9:30 minute pace, but I kept it slooooow, and my legs thanked me for it.

I did 6 miles in 58:37 for a pace of 9:47.  When I was done I streeeeeeeetched (and internally cursed my stupidity).

Tuesday I had a 6 mile tempo run to do (Um ya, I failed to switch my actual training program to reflect the order I'll be doing my workouts in M: easy, T: speed, W: rest, Th: easy, F: rest, S: long run, Su: rest), 4 miles at 8:35 pace.

I headed to the gym  Why oh why am I so competitive dumb?  The start of the warm up mile was brutal.  My hamstrings were screaming at me (Dear Hammies, if you worked yourself at ALL during distance training you wouldn't be so ding dong sore after some serious sprint racing.  YOUR FAULT NOT MINE!  xoxo Jerbear).  Finally after the mile warm up they seemed fine.  Once I kicked up the pace on the treadmill they were a-ok.  Thanks Legs, Love you Lots.

I did 6 miles in 53:42 for a pace of 8:57 (tempo pace was 8:33).
1. 9:49 2. 8:29 3. 8:34 4. 8:35 5. 8:34 6. 9:41

Also, can we talk briefly about my shoes?  I noticed it was time to throw a new pair of kicks into my budget for the upcoming month as they would be tapped out after about one month's worth of training.  But you would never be able to tell it by the way they look.  Look at these beauties!  Still in pristine condition!

270 miles?  No chance.  Oh wait.....250 of those have been on a treadmill?  Ok now I can believe it.  Poor shoes, they probably have S.A.D. because they never get to see the great outdoors.

And on a completely unrelated note, there was quite the stir of comments regarding my office husband Tom.  He started at my place of employment about 9 months ago, and we spent some majah time together as I did 100% of his training.  He's a runner as well (got injured training for Twin Cities Marathon last full), and just a pretty cool kid in general so we get along really well.  Makes for a good work environment for sure.

One day he commented that we spend 26 hours of our week together (subtracting out our lunch breaks and our days where we work opposing late shifts).  Impressive/creepy that you've figured that out, but makes sense that we would become such good friends being around each other that much.  A few weeks ago, the power went out at work, so of course all the "cool kids" congregated into my office because I'm the Prez of the cool kid club natch.  A bunch of us were talking, and Tom and I started finishing each other's sentences in a ridiculous way.  I made the joke to my manager that I needed to fill out new insurance information to get a cheaper rate since Tom and I were obviously married at work.  And so, office husband/wife was created.

Sorry Lauren, he has a girlfriend.  But if they end up taking a nosedive, I'll totally let you know.  After the overwhelming response I had from readers, I told him that if him and his GF didn't work out, I could pimp him out on my blog for a small fee.  He was very flattered by all the comments (yes, I shared them, he's my husband yo!).

Now I'm off to enjoy an early Valentine's Day dinner and drinks with one of my loves, Melissa (Captain of Team GREEN). G'night kiddos!


Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm glad you're super stoked about marathon training, and just gotta say, that from reading your blog for a while and seeing your pace....psshh, you will SO get a sub-4 hours marathon!

Lauren @ Reading and Running said...

Darn...darn. The good ones are always taken

Steel Springs said...

How exciting! You'll have a blast training for the marathon.

Your shoes look brand new!

Susan said...

Woohoo marathon training! Enjoy it :)

Morgan said...

Great job this week despite being a silly goose and racing prior to start! LOL! I ran Ragnar the weekend before I began my Gasparilla training... Mondays workout was a complete and total FAIL! LOL!

So excited you are jumping aboard the marathon train with the rest of us crazies! :)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Ohh i will now be checking out their marathon plan creation.. I have like 5 plans that I'm debating using..silly reall

aron said...

MARATHON TRAINING!!! cannot wait to follow you along through this :) yayyyyyy

Dwayne said...

I once had an office wife, but she left me for another Sigh. Office divorce is hard, especially on the kids.

Heather said...

What, you're training for a marathon? I think this was just a HIMYM blog. :)

Anonymous said...

hoooorrraaaayyyy for marathon training! I can't wait to follow you through your training and see you cross that marathin finish line! :)

Anonymous said...

YES! marathon training *and* RW programs *and* 14 week program! It's like we're the same runner - except you have a lot more snow (now? maybe not the case...). ;) heh

Stretch stretch stretch those legs! Coming from a girl who definitely doesn't do that often enough (esp after speedwork), but it will make/break your training for now...

The LRs aren't *so* intimidating once you break that initial PR barrier (which was also 14 for me!) - you'll do great! Just take it slow 'n easy!

aaand, this f-ing cracked me up. "Poor shoes, they probably have S.A.D. because they never get to see the great outdoors" - because I always think I have SAD (grew up in the desert! what is this no sunshine business?!) ;) lol

mmk. I'm done now.

Glenn Jones said...

Exciting! Make sure you pay attention to your traiing paces. You will be tempted to run faster. Don't!

J said...

Hope you have a great weekend and a good Valentine's Day! Maybe next week you wont be in so much pain! We all get competitive and congrats on the 1st in the AG! Being excited about training is great! I would be scared too!

cw and jrw said...

oh! marathon fun! happy running! :) -cw