Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Recap + January in Review

I'm giving myself the ol' school bribery tactic with the blog tonight.
Stern/Responsible Jeri: Jeri!  No more HIMYM until you post about this weekend!
Lazy in Love with Marshall Jeri:  But I don't wanna [insert pouty face here].  I'm so close to the end....
S/RJ:  Ugh, maybe I should just let you finish it so you can move. on.
LiLwMJ:  Ha!  Jokes on you, as soon as I finish it N agreed to re-watch it with me.  So THERE.  Neener neener.


Obviously Stern/Responsible Jeri won.  Shocking, actually.

Ok so the weekend.  Friday is a rest day, as per usual, as once 5pm hits I don't want to do anything that requires anything other than me:
a) putting on sweats/laying on the couch
b) getting gussied up and playing googly-eyes with the boy.

Friday night was spent celebrating N's quarter of a century birthday (yes, I'm a cougar, NBD).  I've seen the guy a gazillion times since his birthday at the beginning of the month, but I refuse to do a birthday dinner with the very limited dining options in his area.  We feasted on a delectable piece of salmon and a bloody slab of dead cow (take a guess as to which was mine, will you?).  Blech.  After a birthday dessert as big as my face (nom nom), he said the magical words to me, "Wanna watch HIMYM?"  Gaaaaaaaaah.  Keeper, no?

I finally got to the marathon episode that my manager had said I was going to looooooove.  If you haven't seen it yet, please do.

Barney: Here's how you run a marathon. Step 1: You start running. There is no step 2. 

Ok, I'll pause while you watch it.  Done now?  Laughed a lot?  Great.  Moving on.

Saturday my BFFF Sheana came to town for a day of BFFF awesomeness.  We shopped, we ate, we talked boys, you know, the usual things girls do.  During this time, I may have gone to Target and possibly picked up Season 3 of HIMYM.  "My name is Jeri....and I'm an addict....."  As soon as she took off for home, I finished up the last 2 episodes of Season 2 and plopped in Season 3.

Sunday I was rustled out of bed by the gym's treadmill calling my name.  I scoured my apartment for fuel for the long run and came up pretty empty.  I had a piece of cinnamon/sugar toast on nasty bread and about one spoonful of peanut butter straight out of the jar (totally scraping every.last.morsel. off the sides).  After a couple of episodes it was finally off to the gym.

The gym was actually pretty busy for a Sunday afternoon so I kept somewhat entertained.  I had 10 miles to do, and was shooting for a 9 minute pace.  I took a GU (and felt like a total nerd doing so at the GYM on a TREADMILL, the shame....) at mile 4, along with a quick water break, and another water break at 7 miles.  I actually busted out my trusty Nike tank top, so I wasn't a total sweat monster as usual.  Score one Jeri!

I did 10 miles in 1:29:00 for a pace of 8:54.

1. 9:08 2. 9:13 3. 9:13 4. 8:57 5. 8:51 6. 8:59 7. 8:46 8. 8:49 9. 8:40 10. 8:21

I pretty much wanted to murder myself during mile 8, but other than that, it was a great run, and I felt strong throughout.

After a quick shower to wash off the 3 pounds of salt that had built up on my skin (sexy, I know) it was back to the couch and my boyfriend, HIMYM.  N stopped in on his was through town and found me laying on the couch looking all googly-eyed at the television.

N:  You've been laying here all day watching this haven't you?
J:  Nooooooo.  I took a one hour and 29 minute break to run 10 miles.  But yeah, other than that and a short shower, totally been doing this all day.

January in Review
Total Miles:  81.5 which is up from 73.2 from last month (compared to 36.5 in 2009).
Time spent: 11:25:01.  Kind of November I ran 1 less mile than this month, but spend a full hour more running.  Just shows the amount of speedwork I've been doing this month.  WHOO!
Total Runs: 14 for an average of 5.82 miles/run.
Highest weekly mileage: 1/4-1/10/10 24 miles 3:29:30
Favorite run
: The speedwork session that was 6x800 and 2x400 .
Most hardcore run: The speedwork session that was 1x1600, 2x800, & 4x400 at neck-breaking speeds .  Or close to it.
Favorite Race: None.  Sniffle.

**Season 3 may have been finished before bed Sunday night.  And Season 4 may have been purchased today......


Lauren @ Reading and Running said...

So I know that you're just dying to get my address to send me your HIMYM DVDs. I'll totally trade every season of the office with you. That's pretty fair right?? Let me know.

Jk! Your Jan. stats rock and you're totally kicking butt. And you make me want to watch HIMYM even though I have no clue what it's about...

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious, even at 7am (crack of DAWNNN), when I'm reading this. I can't believe you did 10 miles on the treadmill...any secrets to lasting that long? I know some people can do like a gazillion miles on that thing, but honestly, 3 miles in and I'm done-zo.

Heather said...

I forgot about the marathon episode! I need to get those old seasons on DVD.

nice job on the runs in January - and 10 miles on the treadmill is prettty hardcore! I could never do it.

Morgan said...

Girl you cracked me up this whole post! Excellent month!

Staci Dombroski said...

You are hilarious! I especially loved the comment about, have you been doing this all day? Have a great night!

cw and jrw said...

Reading your blog this morning made me laugh! I absolutely needed it. Thanks, sunshine, for brightening up my day. And, nice 10miles in an hour... impressive. -cw

Anonymous said...

Ah, we both survived 10 on the 'mill!! GO US! ;)

Uhm, how many seasons of HIMYM are there?!? The Bf asked me last night if I watch this show, and my first thought was you - and this addiction - and I'll admit, I got a little scared.... ;) haha

Glenn Jones said...

Wow. 1 hour less? That's a great improvement (clapping). Congratulations.

And I *hope* to have a PR story on Monday. Of course it not, then hopefully I'll have an ER story worthy of reading (just kidding!).

J said...

Great month Jeri! I love that episode where Barney runs the marathon! It was so funny at the end on the subway!! 10 miles on the treadmill! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

this made me laugh so hard!!!!!!! i had an entire weekend devoted to HIMYM season 1!!!!!!!!1 i've been managing season 2 a little bit more normally but that's just b/c i have so many other TV shows on DVR... ummm. .. yep i have a life. hehehehehe. OHHHH barney, seriously. he is def my fave. :)

at least you are still running!!!!!!!!! :) and nice work on the 10 miler. :)

AND-- love the recap-- no races! me neither!!! (me either?). and i love comparing stats from month to month or year ago. always cool to look at.

and FYI my word verification word today is "tushy" lol.

X-Country2 said...

Looks like a pretty solid month. Keep up the good work.