Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Personal Distance Record: 14 Miles

I had been looking forward to my 14 mile long run all week.  Finally a new long run distance to conquer.  (Yes, you know you're officially a crazy runner when you're excited about a 14 mile run, you can relate right??)  However, I was not looking forward to the possibility of having to do it on the treadmill, especially after the crap-fest run from last week's 12 miler.  After looking at the weather report all week, I thought it just might work to do it outside.  I had been eyeing the part of the bike trail that is visible from the road on the way to my gym, and it seemed to be clear of snow.  Once 9:30pm hit on Friday night, it was light's out.  (Crazy runner sign #2:  going to bed before it's dark out practically).

I woke up to 18* temps with a light breeze.  The wind chill was showing 15-16.  I figured I would give it a try, and if it was too unbearable, I could always come home, hop in my car, and head to the gym for the remainder of the run.  I set out in tights, running pants, an under armour wicking LS, a fleece, a light jacket, and a dorky stocking hat.  Turns out that after I returned the Nike running hat this fall, I never actually purchased a new one.  Ooops.  I had also spent time creating an awesome playlist for the run.  Unfortunately, I just plugged in my iPod and then unplugged when I was ready to leave the house.....without actually loading on the new playlist.  Grrr.

I started off on the run, and the trails were 85% clear and I was happy.  Look at me, I'm running outside! Wheeeeeeee!  Of course after the first mile was done, the trails were covered 100% in loose snow.  Miles 2-3 1/2 were horrendous, but the rest of the run was probably about half and half for snow coverage.  Of course on the way back (since I did an out and back course) Miles 11 1/2 to 13 were also horrendous.  You can tell by my splits exactly where the roads were clear or not.  The good thing about the snow is that it did help me to slow down my pace, otherwise I think I would've tried to fly through the 14 miles.  I can not wait to be outside in a tank and shorts though.  Ahhh spring, can't wait.

The sun.  Oh sweet sweet sun.  I had forgotten what the sun even looked like, let alone the extra 2-3 degrees it gives you.  If there wasn't 4-5 foot snow drifts lining the bike trail, I might have even thought it was spring.

I kept expecting to get really tired during the run, since I was exerting myself way more than normal just by slipping and sliding around, but I was pretty much ok except for the final mile, which makes sense because I was pushing the pace because a) it was the last mile and b) the trail was clear.  Overall, I was pretty happy with the run.

I did the 14 miles in 2:14:28 for a pace of 9:37.

1. 9:25
2. 9:51
3. 10:03
4. 9:33
5. 9:34
6. 9:34
7. 9:43
8. 9:33
9. 9:36
10: 9:28
11. 9:35
12. 9:46
13. 9:51
14. 8:50

I did see about 1,000 golden retrievers during my run and it made me want one soooo baaaaaaad.  I had a golden retriever growing up and have wanted another one forever.  N is planning on getting one once he buys a house and I can't wait.  I may already have a sweet "running dog" name picked out for him, and can't wait to have a running companion.  :D

Post run instead of an ice bath, I waded in the snow drifts outside my apartment.  It was cold.  To say the least.  I was impressed by how sweaty I got during that run for the temp;  I must've bundled up correctly, because other than the times I was running into the wind, I was perfectly content.  There were even times when the wind was at my back that I was HOT.

After getting showered up and eating some soup (which my stomach did not take to) I felt sick.  My face was extremely wind burned, causing my body temp to feel extremely warm.  I was on the verge of a headache and my stomach just hurt.  Oy!  I laid on the couch as long as possible and then eventually got some energy mustered up to get all gussied up for the belated-Valentine's Day date.  Yay!  I can't think of a better way to eat back 14 miles worth of calories, can you?  Luckily my stomach started feeling better (perhaps it was the wine, not sure....maybe the snuggling, as that cures all) so I could enjoy my eating and company.

This morning I have some tenderness/soreness in the back of my knees which is to be expected after all the slipping and sliding around that they endured yesterday.  Being the resourceful chica that I am, I stuffed some snow in a ziploc bag and here I am icing away.  :)  While eating some leftover Coldstone ice cream.  Does that kid know the way to my heart or what?  Ice cream = <3

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Dana said...

Congrats on your new personal record!!!

Trying To Heal said...

gahhh!!! congrats on the 14 miler!!! i totally wish i could have been thereto run w/ you...but not in the snow. that sucks.

Alyssa said...

Congrats girl!
I watched Marly & Me this weekend .. I cannot wait to get a dog..... someday.
If you haven't seen that movie, you should rent it fooor sure!

Heather said...

Nice job on the 14 miler - snow and all!

Anonymous said...

You finished!!! Whoop! :) My knees were sore from some slipping and sliding too - oof, marathon training in the winter...what were we thinking?! I did Not make such clever use of the snow though, maybe next time ;)

Anonymous said...


and JERI YOU ARE A GENIUS, snow in a ziplock?! serious genius at work there. it's way better than ice b/c you can shape it. wow. my mind is just in a new place now.

and i want a golden, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw one this morning while i was walking the pug i am sitting for and he was HUUUUUUGE, like one of those oversized shaggy ambling old golden retrievers. he was so funny too came right over to us and just stood there, lol.

Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a great 14-miler! Way to go! I'm impressed you braved those temps and the snow hazards! Great splits, too!

I can relate to both of your signs of being a crazy runner. :) Saturday was 'officially' my longest run (8 miles) and I will be setting a new long run record every week for at least a few months. Exciting! And I go to bed so early and sleep so hard now that I am in training mode. Love it!

aron said...

yesssssss! this is the BEST part of training for your first marathon, all those new mileage records!!! LOVE it - great job!

cw and jrw said...

Congrats on the 14 miles! :)

Staci Dombroski said...

You are officially a ROCK STAR!!! Way to go on rockin' the miles. I hope that you have a great week!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I love new distances!! That's the only downside to once you finally do a know you can do it, so then you have to run farther or something!

way to go! I think 18 would be a lovely temp to start out and sun, sweet sun surely helps

Amanda said...

Woohoo, congrats on the distance PR. That's exciting! And also, very exciting about the possibility of a golden in the future..I'm curious to see what the name is you have picked out.

J said...

Great job on the long run! I have had that stomach pain after running. It is not fun. Sometimes what I eat after running just doesnt sit right. Its no fun :(

X-Country2 said...

Great milestone. Keep up the great work.

Steel Springs said...

Congratulations on the distance PR! You rocked those 14 miles!

Glenn Jones said...

Congrats Jeri! One of the fun things about marathon training will be looking back in a few weeks at all those long runs that you have never done before. It's pretty awesome to look back and see 14, 16, 18, 20 miles - multiple times. That's why I like the training more than the race itself!

Marathon Maritza said...

Hurray on a new long run distance! You kicked it's booty!

I can't even believe you went out in weather like that, even TRIED it, much less ran 14 miles in it. You are a rockstar.