Monday, February 15, 2010

Retail Therapy

After finding out I was going to be Valentine-less for the Valentine's Day weekend, I could think of one thing, and one thing alone that would cheer me up:  shopping spree at my favorite running store.  After meticulously going through my budget for February, I magically found an extra $100 that wasn't spoken for.  Since this is a rarity, I figured I would put it towards new running shoes, knowing that my mileage will be up on my current loves in approximately one month.  Now that's planning ahead financially (can you tell I'm a credit counselor?)

I walked into the store and barked out my size:  7 1/2! shoe type:  Nimbus 11!! and color:  pink!!! while putzing around the store.  I perused the sale rack, but only found a couple of things, a black long sleeved Nike shirt (reasoned that if I was going to be wearing something that lightweight, it was probably warm out, and if it's warm out, why on God's earth would I be wearing black?  I don't care if you are on sale for $25.  Ok, to be honest, the $25 was a HUGE selling point.)  Moving on.  I found this gem of a t-shirt.  I've actually been eyeing it my last 5 trips into the store, but it had finally come down to the steal of a price 15 dollah.  SOLD!  I also stocked up on a case worth of Gu Roctane:  Espresso, Vanilla, and Triberry.  They were out of my fave Blueberry Pomegranate, but I'm excited to try the Triberry as I've heard good things.

The best part of the shopping trip is that I have a card that gives me 15% off of regularly priced apparel and shoes.  $125 shoes BAM $107.25.

Tonight I had an easy 7 miles to do on the treadmill (boo!).  However, all stars thoroughly aligned for treadmill-run-awesomeness.  One of my favorite bands, Angels & Airwaves, released a new CD Love yesterday on their website fo free.  New awesomely sweet tunes on the iPod?  Check!  Also, I was putzing (I should get an award for using the word putzing twice now thrice in one blog post.  Winner:  Jeri.) around my apartment prior to heading to the gym, so I got there with 5 minutes to spare before HIMYM came on.  Super awesome tv show to watch while running?  Check!  The only thing I was missing to make it a trifecta was to be chasing after the boy during the run (but let's be honest, he'd keel over loooooong before 7 miles was up).

Regardless of the super awesomeness that was to be, the run was not so super awesome.  I was hungry.  Who else is sick of me complaining about being hungry during a run?  Jeepers.  I didn't really realize that my main issue when training for a marathon wasn't going to be getting in the runs, it is definitely going to be making sure I'm eating quality food and enough of it.  Apparently I should've adjusted my grocery budget during these next three months.

Anyway, I stuck with the run, and after the first 3 miles I bumped up the speed .1 mph and that actually helped a lot, my legs no longer felt like lead.  Right around that time, a chick with legs up to my neck jumped on the t'mill next to me, and that helped immensely as well.  We had almost the same stride and pace going, so it's really easy for me to get in a rhythm with running next to people like that.  During the last 4 miles, I debated about asking her (post run of course) if she is training for something and if she is looking for a running buddy.  Now I know how nervous guys get when approaching girls at the bar.  I needed some liquid courage!  I ended up chickening out, but she'll be back.  ;)  (I'm such a loser :p)

I ended up doing 7 miles in 1:06:34 for a pace of 9:31.

Thanks for all the suggestions for pre-run fuel.  I've always had a temperamental stomach when it came to sports and especially running.  I remember in high school, I would go from noon to 8pm without eating any food because I was so concerned about it making me sick and not able to compete in my races.  This fall and winter, when training for the Sioux Falls 1/2 and Dallas White Rock 1/2 I typically ate a banana and a peanut butter sandwich before running.  At some point the peanut butter started messing up my stomach BIG TIME.  The banana works still, but I'm just not sure that is going to be sufficient once I start running 16-20 miles.  There were times when doing 11-13 mile LRs that I wouldn't eat before, and just take a Gu Roctane (which I actually like!) earlier in the run, and that seemed to work, but that's a $$$$ habit to get into.  Feel free to keep the suggestions coming, keeping in mind that I am lactose intolerant, so factor that in as well.  Also, if anyone else has stomach sensitivities to peanut butter, would almond butter be better?  I used to really like the piece of toast/bagel with PB before it started to destroy me. :)

And in closing I thought I would share the sweetest text message/compliment I have ever received:  I was actually just thinking about you.  My family told me I should be on the Amazing Race, and they asked me who my partner would be.

Seriously, this guy and I would *kill* the competition in this show.  He's the manager at my gym, and in insanely good shape (obviously).  We've gone running a couple of times, and I think we could take the show by storm.  Amazing Race 2011 here we come!! ;)


J said...

having tv distractions on the treadmill is key! Great job on the run - stinks you were hungry though. Usually my hunger pains go away when i start running.

Morgan said...

Gotta luv retail therapy!

You will most def need to readjust your grocery funds girl! You need to eat to fuel that high performance machine!!! :)

I would def give almond butter a go if PB messes with your tummy, you can't hit those bigger runs on a banana alone. I had the same issue, never ate enough, at the beginning of my Chicago cycle and it took forever to figure out what worked but once I got it down I ran SO much better

Glenn Jones said...

Don't know if I sen ou <a href="> this </a> article. It's highly technical (too technical for me!) but does a lot to explain how much of what you should use to fuel at what point in your training. Whew! Say that in one breath!

I'm getting excited for you! Good luck!

cw and jrw said...

Retail therapy...gotta love it! :)
Happy training...

Heather said...

That t-shirt is so cute!

Anonymous said...


you knwo what? PB bothers my stomach, too! i still eat it... and always wish i hadn't. lol. i think i need to stop buying it but it is too good.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, I DID start watching HIMYM - and then reactivated my Netflix (had been cancelled about 4 mo ago, ha) because it's a pain to get the episodes online! oof, here we go... ;) lol

I used to go with 1/2 whole-wheat bagle + grape/strawberry jelly pre-run. Sometimes I do a waffle (of the frozen kind. I do Not make them from scratch....although I should...) with a little bit of Lite Maple Syrup :) yummm.