Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two Posts in Two Days?!? I'm BACK!!

I know, I know.  Please pick your jaws up off the floor.  This is my second post in as many days.  Whoa.  It's just like old times.  Remember?  When we were in our honeymoon stage together..... oh bloggy....  Ahem.

Since it's only been 24 hours since my last post, not too terribly much has happened.  Ok, that's not entirely true.  Early in the day I saw that all Hawaiian flight + hotel packages were crazy on sale through Orbitz, and I got an idea.  N and I have been talking about going to Hawaii for our birthdays next winter, but we've also been joking about going somewhere warm like NOW.  I swear every time we hang out we talk about going to Jamaica/Hawaii/Mexico/anywherebuthere "next week."

Well heck, why not actually go next week?  After some excessive planning and way too much of my hopes being raised, it ended up not working out (unless I miraculously end up getting surprised before noon tomorrow when the sale ends).  Oh well.  SOMEONE thinks he needs to buy a house and would end up potentially closing on it the week before we would fly out.  Apparently that's a little too much stress or something.... I dunno. :p  Laaaaaame.  Is your new house in Hawaii?  No??  Then book the trip foo'. :D

I also am happy to report that I have not watched a single episode of HIMYM today (although if I type this fast enough, I may be tempted to throw one in as a night cap).  Instead I caught up on the season finale of Jersey Shore, the reunion episode, and the "before they were on the show" episode.  Then I got my GTL on as well.  (Ok, I've yet to finish the L part.  Usually I do laundry and then it sits in the basket/draped over chairs until I put everything away 2-3 weeks later.)

At the gym I had a 6 mile tempo run on tap.  I forgot to check my old training schedules on the fridge for a 5 mile tempo pace, so I thought 8:15 sounded good.  Um.... no.  Uff.  The first mile was a-ok, but then my IT bands got tiiiiiiiight, so I slowed it down to 8:25ish then kicked it up in the final mile.

I did 6 miles in 51:23 for a pace of 8:37.  (Tempo pace 8:20)
1. 9:39 2. 8:16 3. 8:26 4. 8:26 5. 8:26 6. 8:08

I knew I must've hit 6 miles when I could barely see the monitor on the treadmill because of the heavy layer of sweat.  The gym employees have got to looooove me.

Going around on Facebook this week is to change your profile picture to your celebrity doppelganger.  I thought I would clue you guys in to who I've been told I look like just for the fun of it (and b/c this post is mighty boring otherwise :p).

First up, Miss Colbie Caillat.  One of Tay's friends insisted that I could be her double when he first saw her music video.  I'll admit she does have similar squinty eyes, large forehead, and big smile.  But I don't see an actual resemblance at all.

Finally is Miss Jennifer Love Hewitt.  When I was in high school, I literally got this all. the. time.  There was actually a good year or two where even *I* could see a strong resemblance.  Sadly, those days are over.  Dear God she's a beautiful gal, no?  I jokingly noted on my Facebook page, that the resemblance was only ever from the neck up, so as to not confuse people.  :p

So who have you been told you look like?!?

[Off to watch some HIMYM now....] Tehe.


Staci Dombroski said...

I see the resemblance in both pictures. I do not know who I look like. I should ask my husband, that should be an interesting answer :-)

Heather said...

I had a terrible perm in 4th and 5th grade and I looked just like Richard Simmons.

objectsevents said...

ooooh my vote is colbie!

i'm not sure i have a doppelganger????? i have never heard anyone mention anything like that about me. *sniff* maybe i will work on it.

GREAT TEMPO!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 miles is a looooooooong way to push the pace. bumping the pace back a bit to get in the last mile really is a smart strategy b/c it's not a huge difference and you are getting that much more distance at "hard" effort in. mucho awesome.

AWESOME all around:)

himym episodes on tap for me tonight!

trialsoftraining said...

Ooh, def see the resemblance with both!! That pic of Colbie, especially!

I heard "Shirley Temple" ALL the time when I was little (now, not so much, obviously haha).

Jon Gilchrist said...

U must be feeling alil friskay for two post in as many days.

Great dreadmill work..thats the only way, I find, that I'm able to train on that contraption.

Ah...look-a-like...I get omar epps alot.

J said...

I hate when i get IT band pain on the treadmill! That is the worst! Great job on the 6 mile though!!

Morgan said...

I am still keeping my fingers crossed you end up going to Hawaii after all!!!

Ok so now that you show the pics I TOTALLY see the resemblence to both!!!

I have heard I look like a redhead Kate Blanchet but I seriously don't think I look like anyone and by god if anyone ever tells me Kathy Griffin just because I have red hair I WILL cut a b*tch.

Glenn Jones said...

Hawaii! Woo hoo! Even six months from now it would still be great!

Don't worry about the mid week mileage on your marathon plan. The bark is worse than the bite.

Steel Springs said...

I love the doppelgangers! I can see the resemblance. It's a bummer that the Hawaii plans didn't work out. I can understand the need to get away right now. Enjoy HIMYM!

Dana said...

I have only watched a few Jersey Shores eppisodes and am so confused.... what does GTL stand for? I see it on facebook all the time haha.