Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear MacBook!

Yes, for the record, that is Jeri Loves MacBook.  It was one year ago today that I received the single greatest gift a gal could get for Valentine's Day:  her very own MacBook.  I was truly in love with myself, and thought, what the hell.  Why not give myself what I really truly want??  So I did.  I love her just as much as I did a year ago.  And yes, I have a very special evening planned for her here shortly.  Hubba hubba!

To back track a bit, I had my third training run for MARATHON TRAINING!!!  On Thursday evening of 7 easy miles.  Luckily my legs were back to healthy, but I still took the run at an easy peasy pace to keep them healthy.  I read 3 magazines while running (yes I was that girl on the treadmill).  Spring where art thou?  I did 7 miles in 1:07:26 for a pace of 9:38.  Admittedly, I did crank up the pace on the 7th mile because I was b.o.r.e.d.  Most of my miles were around the 9:40-9:49 range.

Saturday morning I had many plans to get up and be at the gym by 8am to do my 12 mile long run.  8am came and went, and I was lucky to be strolling in the doors at 11am.  My personal distance record on the t'mill is ten miles.  And both (both? I think, possibly 3) were miserable.  I figured 12 wouldn't be much better.  I hopped on the treadmill and was excited to see that there was a show about female bodybuilders on MSNBC.  I'm super fascinated by these chicks, so the first hour passed pretty quickly.  I took a disGUSTing Gu at Mile 3 because I'd only had 1/2 a Lunabar before heading to the gym.

After the bodybuilder documentary was over, I started to realize how crappy I felt.  I was drinking water regularly, and took another Gu at Mile 8.  But after taking the Gu, and again at Mile 10 I started feeling really nauseous.  I usually try to pick up the pace during the second half of long runs, but after this happened, I really slowed up.

I really need to plan for fueling pre-run especially when I start getting into these longer distances.  Feeling barfy while running is no fun.  It's just unfortunate because everything seems to upset my stomach lately.  Any suggestions for pre-run foods are mucho welcome.  Even peanut butter is destroying my digestive system lately.  Sniffles.

Anyway.  I did 12 miles in 1:48:51 for a pace of 9:05.  My pace should've been quite a bit slower and definitely will be for future long runs.
1. 9:19
2. 9:20
3. 9:14
4. 9:11
5. 9:06
6. 9:03
7. 9:04
8. 9:05
9. 8:49
10. 8:57
11. 8:52
12. 8:46

When I got done running, I noticed one of the trainers at the gym was still going strong (she started roughly around the time I did).  The crazy lady was doing 15 on the treadmill.  Uff.  Mucho respect for her.  After stretching out I tweeted that I was going to go wade in the waist-high snow banks outside my apartment in lieu of an ice bath.  I got out to my car, and it wouldn't start.  Some yahoo left her lights on and had drained her battery.  I'm such an idiot sometimes.  Luckily my old roomie's husband came to the rescue to jump me (jump my car!  oy, that sounds bad!).  Needless to say, by the time I was done standing outside in the blowing snow and freezing cold, my fingers were purple enough without snowbanks.

My Valentine's plans had to get shuffled around a bit, so I was stuck with 2 tickets to Valentine's Day and no date.  Luckily my old roomie wanted to go with me.  Ok, I know the movie is being criticized for being too much like Love, Actually but I actually really loved it.  Hah.  But seriously.  It was cute.  Definitely a good, "awww I'm so in love" type of movie.  Also, I'm not going to lie, but if I don't have my cute boy to stare at, Taylor Lautner will be an okay second choice.  Mmmmm.  Plus, I've always thought that N and Ashton Kutcher have the same eyes.  Perhaps that's why A Lot Like Love is one of my favorite movies...interesting thought.

And in case you were curious, I spent my day of loooooove enjoying Chinese food with one of my best friends and her kids (HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!) and watching Season 5 of HIMYM.  That's right.  I spent my day with Marshall Eriksen.  Be jealous.

Also, there's a bunch of great giveways going on right now!
Beth at Shut up and Run! is doing a sweet Champion clothes giveaway.  If you're a dude, feel free to enter and then give me the goods.  Danke!

And Iowa Girl Eats is doing a $50 online shopping spree giveaway (same as above applies if you don't like free money).


Dana said...

I really want to go see that movie! And I'm obsessed w/ Love Actually, just made its own playlist to run to haha.

I have the same problem with my stomach. Either barfy or not enough energy. I've started eating about 1/2 a green apple (not the gross waxy ones) before I run / exercise. If I don't have an apple, sometimes I eat a shotblock or 2, those seem to be easy on my stomach.

I also usually carry tums in my gym bag, just in case I feel sickly.

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

Heck ya! You have to treat yourself things. Love the macbook. Glad you had a great V-day with friends.

J said...

I really want to see that valentine's day movie...maybe Ill catch it once its on DVD! I have a Macbook too and I love it! great job on the LR on the treadmill. I don't know how you do it.

Morgan said...

I wanted to see that movie this weekend too but my plans got all moved around. This week for sure. And if it's like Love Actually well then I will love it even more because I LOVE that movite. :)

I crack up at your MARATHON TRAINING! :) Love it! Love to see someone as excited as I was my first go round. :)

I hope you get to see the man soon and for the love of... turn your lights off!!! :P

baker said...

try this.
1- eat oatmeal before a long run.
2- do not eat Gu. they are gross. i never have them on marathons. i actually try and eat solids. rice and bean burritos. seriously, i do. (see my knickerbocker 60K report)
3- TUMS. eat em. i have 2 before a race and it helps.
4- bananas. they are GOD. i have 2 of these before a race also.
5- gatorade mixed with redbull. its goooood. so many secrets!
now go run!

Slomohusky said...

Hi JerBear,

Good to hear from ya. About the stomach thing - whole heartedly agree with the person commenting on Gu. After trying things I stumbled onto Hammer Gels. For me thery are the best of these kind of products. I like Banana flavor best.

Foods - Yogurt and Banana's are my two best friends when it comes to food these days. I also do well with a Half a Whole Wheat Bagel a an hour or so before running. I will do cheese spread, peanut butter and honey, or just plain butter on it.

Good luck and have fun with your Mac.

Anonymous said...

even though it was hard and you felt rough you still ran your LR faster than your easy run! and 12 miles on teh TM... wow. glad you had bodybuilders for the first hour at least. lol. i am also obsessed with stuff like that... it's just so crazy!

i thought valentine's day was okay :) i loved seeing taylor and taylor!!!!! and i thought ashton made a kick ass florist :)

Heather said...

Nice long run on the treadmill - I've discovered I can't really eat anything before long runs or I either have to puke or crap my pants. Sometimes I will eat a banana and that will stay down okay . . .