Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Call Me Lance With My Needle

I failed to mention, but on my not so fun 12 mile treadmill run , I had forgotten to bring my running shoes to the gym.  I was wearing my next most recent pair:  Asics Nimbus 10, pink. (see running shoe chart for reference) and decided it would be too big of a waste to drive all the way home.  Big mistake.  I got blisters on top of blisters next to blisters.  Apparently there was a reason these shoes were retired, eh?

Unfortunately, after you have blisters, it doesn't take much to re-aggravate them, even if you have switched back to your oh so great running shoes.  Today after my run I decided it was time to get out my sword aka my trusty blister popping needle.  I lined up all the supplies:  peroxide?  Check!  Sword?  Check! Cotton ball? Check! Bandaids?  Check!  And it was on.  Pop poke puncture. P^3  I guess I am lucky (lucky?) that I only get water blisters, I can imagine that blood blisters are a little more gross and painful.   Usually after I pop mine they'll refill themselves a couple of times, but then they'll be gone for good (assuming I stick to good shoes).  Until then, I think I'll leave my P^3 station set up on my coffee table.  Man it's a good thing I don't have roommates. :p  (P.S. I hope you can't see the fur on my legs, they're like chia pets, I swear.  Also, I really hope none of my readers have foot fetishes, because, um..gross.)

Now that you've all emptied your stomach contents due to my brutal overshare (what? I thought there was no such thing as TMI for runners...pussies....), on to some runs.  Tuesday I had one of my least favorite workouts:  mile repeats.  Blech.  I had 6 miles total with a one mile warm up, 2 x 1600 m. @ 8:02 pace and 800 jogs, and a one mile cooldown.  After going through the workout in my head, I realized that it was going to end on a 2 mile cool down, and I knew I would be tempted to skip it, so instead I did a 2 mile warm up.  I'm a genius sometimes.  :)  Honestly I tried to cut this run short in so many ways and I'm pretty proud that I ended up with all 6 miles.

I did the 6 miles in 54:53 for a pace of 9:09.  Mile times, 7:54 & 7:55, HECK YA!

Warm Up1 Mi9:399:399:39
Warm Up1 Mi9:3919:189:39
Interval1 Mi7:5427:127:54
Recovery0.5 Mi5:0432:1610:08
Interval1 Mi7:5540:117:55
Recovery0.5 Mi4:5845:099:56
Cooldown1 Mi9:4254:519:42

I was pretty darn proud of my sweat fest and speed session.

This morning I woke up and headed to the gym (pre Jeri Lance-a-lot) to do my easy 6 miles.  As soon as I stepped outside I questioned why I was going to the gym.  It was in the low 20's, which in my brain=cold.  But I forget what cold minus wind feels like..... not bad at all.  I checked the weather report for Saturday, and with a high of 25 and little to no wind, looks like the Jerbear is OFF THE TREADMILL and on the trails for her 14 miler (PDR right here, whoo!)

Anyway, I wasn't too hyped up about my 6 miler, as I tend to get annoyed by the easy/junk miles in training programs.  Right after I jumped on the treadmill, a guy jumped on the one next to me, who had a prosthetic leg from the knee down.  Seeing him bust out his mile next to me almost brought tears to my eyes.  Not only was he truly inspiring as a runner, but it put my run into perspective.  There should never be a time that I dread doing a run, I should be thankful everyday that I lace up my running shoes that I'm healthy and capable of running.  So anyways, thanks random dude for giving me some perspective and inspiration this morning.

I did 6 miles in 56:51 for a pace of 9:29.

1. 9:38 2. 9:38 3. 9:40 4. 9:30 5. 9:26 6. 8:56

After completing the first 5 miles at a nice and leisurely pace, I had to kick up the speed on the 6th mile.  I also played around with the incline.  Definitely made the run more interesting.

Have a great weekend kiddos!  Be sure to check out RunZoeRun's Champion giveaway.


Amanda said...

I get annoyed by the easy/junk miles too. I always get excited for long runs and speed stuff, but the plain boring shorter runs are the ones I dread.

Anonymous said...

ooooohhh i am cringeing just thinking about poking/needle-ing blisters!!! eek!!! i try to wait mine out so they deflate, but you are right once you've got em they just puff right back up at the slightest irritation. uggggh. hopefully yours leave for good soon.

way to go MILE times!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are rocking your speed seshes like WHOA :) tgif!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slomohusky said...

Ummm...thanks for sharing...I think? You really need to check out other shoes - meaning other brands.

I get a tad bored with the 4-6 milers now and my routes for them. They seem a little ant-climatic and pointless. Yet, I have been told they serve an important purpose. Just not sure what that is yet?

Anonymous said...

Blood blisters are Definitely more gross and painful - take my word for it (ew)! ;)

20's no wind + PDR + no treadmill = GO Jeri, go! It'll feel so good to be outside again, cheating on the treadmill ;) heh. have fuN!!

Dwayne said...

Ha! You have the crazy 2nd toe that's longer than your big toe. My wife makes fun of mine all of the time. I claim it gives me superior balance and speed. : )

Dana said...

Fur just keeps you warmer in this ridiculously cold weather!

Glenn Jones said...

Killer intervals Jeri! If you're already killing the 1600's you'll do great come Marathon day!

Alyssa said...

Awesome job on the workouts!
I cant imagine running distance on the treadmill, you are crazy!
Blisters are such a pain, I take care of mine the first day usually, no use keepin' them around.

J said...

Great job on the interval run! Those are some awesome mile times! Hope those blister heal soon!

Anonymous said...

Ugh I always get blisters...runners have the grossest feet! Do you use non-cotton socks? Asics makes great running socks and they realllly make a difference!

Hannah said...

Ah! That story about the guy on the treadmill brought tears to my eyes! What a great attitude to take - that you are lucky to be able to run. That is what keeps me going, too! (My cousin's little boy has Leukemia so I am in training in honor of him. Makes it all much easier, mentally.)