Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reasons I Love Fall

Fall is undesputably my favorite season.  To kick off the new season that has arrived (even though it felt like it arrived about a week ago), I thought I would let you know why I lurve it oh so much.  :)

Fall...How do I love thee?  Let me count thy ways....
  1. Cooler temps, for running and general life enjoyment.
  2. Hoodie and jeans weather = perfection.
  3. Shorts and a long sleeve running weather = perfection.
  4. Running through crunchy leaves.
  5. Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes.
  6. Starbucks pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting.  I literally die.
  7. Football season.  GO PACK GO!
  8. Football players.
  9. Mmmm football players...... :)
  10. Apple cider.
  11. Hot chocolate.
  12. Super cute scarfs.
  13. Gorgeous multi-colored leaves getting ready to fall off the trees.
This morning I had my first official run of "fall."  I had an easy peasy 4 on the schedule since it's race week!!!!  I stepped outside in shorts and a cut off and it was CHILLY.  And being chilly makes me happy. :)  I saw people out in pants and long sleeves (amateurs.... :p) but I still managed to work up a decent sweat regardless.  One thing you won't see on my list of fall looooooooooves:  wind.  It kicked my booty today.  30 mph wind gusts?  Yup, this run goes in to the strength training category. :p

What do you love about fall?


Anonymous said...

Awww yea! I love for all of those reasons too! I seriously was always ALWAYS a summer girl until I started running. Now I can't wait for fall. And last fall I had a stress fracture and was in a boot, so I am determined to enjoy this fall all the more!

Anonymous said...

I might be the only person not-yet on board with this "Pumpkin Spice Latte" obsession...

Cooler temps - faster paces!! Not counting the sub-zero effect you'll soon experience. ;)

Race week commences!

Sarah said...

i heart fall...

football sunday= couch, pizza, beer.
going to fenway park in october (but i wont be there this year:-( )
pumpkin coffee
pumpkin candles
soccer...though i dont play anymore it brings back awesome hs/college memories
crisp weather
pumpkinhead beer
annnnd.... hoodies.

gmontalvo13 said...

ah, i love fall!
love the cool mornings & football!

Evolving Through Running said...

Not sure about the Pumpkin lattes, but I do like a good Vanilla Chai Latte on a cool Fall morning. Can't bring myself to drink warm drinks in the Summer.
Also looking forward to football season this year since I got talked into joining a Fantasy Football league. Even drafted one of your Packers (wide receiver - don't remember the name), so I'll be joining the Cheeseheads in cheering on your boys.

Carly said...

*drool* pumpkin spice latte is on my list for tomorrow. I love all the same reasons plus trips to the apple orchard and the smell of my chili.

Jamie said...

love all those things! I only wish fall lasted longer than winter because I really don't like winter ;)

Dwayne said...

This is my favorite season by FAR! Football, working outside, hunting, football.....LOVE IT.

baker said...

whoa time out! its Fall up there already?!

I love the new smells in the air.
I love running in cooler temps
i hate biking as you have to bundle up more because of the wind.
i love when the ice rink in Central Park opens up.

Anonymous said...

LOVE fall. Had a pumpkin latte this weekend. It was oh so good. Enjoy your tapering before your race!
--fall weather = speedy running always. yay!

J said...

I love fall too! The cooler weather is great but the dark mornings are not so much fun!

Susan said...

Oh, I do love running in shorts and long sleeve shirts...thanks for reminding me! I like it when I pull the sleeves over my hands. :)

Also, when packing up my stuff, I realized I have at least 20 sweatshirts...my dad told me I didn't need that many and I should give some away...not true!! I also have a bajillion tshirts/long sleeve cotton shirts that get me through winter running. Looooove them!

Evolving Through Running said...

Checked my Fantasy roster (as you can probably tell my lack of roster awareness is heavily tied to my lack of sobriety on draft day) and I've actually got two folks from the Pack. Greg Jennings and Mason Crosby. Based on your comment I'm feeling good about the Jennings selection. I figure if Rodgers is going to have the monster season everyone expects, I should probably have someone that he's throwing the ball to.

Glenn Jones said...

Sigh. We get none of that change of seasons stuff here. Here we just get ready for brush fires. And heat....