Tuesday, October 8, 2013

18 Miles of Thoughts

18 miles is a long ways to run.  Every time I set out for a long-long run I wonder, hmm.... will this be the long run where 3 hours starts to be easy?  Answer:  no.

So here's a collection of my random thoughts from Sunday's 18 miler:

  • Well my left calf hurts at minute 1.  This should make for an excellent long run.  Stop.  Adjust compression sock down so that knee strap feels better.  Continue on.
  • Only 17 miles to go!  OMG that seems like forever, please stop doing a mental countdown.
  • Oh hey, there's Ed, running with a couple of chicks.  Those chicks look like they're my speed.  Come baaaaaack chicks!!
  • Garmin beeps low battery at mile 7.  You've *got* to be kidding me.  That thing was fully charged when I left.  If I have to buy a new garmin before the marathon I'm going to be SUPER annoyed.
  • Welp, water fountain at 7.3 is still possessed.  (It shoots about 4 feet in the air.  Pretty hilarious.  Unless you're trying to fill your water bottle on a 3 hour run, then not so hilar.)
  • Oh hai college runners.
  • Oh hai HS prom date.
  • Wind is still a b.
  • Finally to the turn around.  What's my split?  Oh, watch is dead NOW?  Cool.  (Kyle asked, how do you know that you ran 18 miles if your watch died halfway???  Uh because 9x2=18.  heh)
  • Wheeeeeeeeee wind at my back.  That lasts about 2 minutes and then I no longer feel the effects of the wind.
  • I wish I was fast again.  I went through my training log to get an idea of what my MGP should be based on my LRs, and I typically was running my LRs about a minute/mile faster than I am right now.  But HEY, my 18 miler was 20 minutes faster than the one in 90 degrees in August, so PROGRESS.
  • Hmm... I was about 10 pounds lighter when running my best races.  There's probably something to that.  Maybe that's the one minute/mile difference.
  • I can't WAIT for pizza and beer after this run.  (hahah.)
  • Alright, my knee can NOT take these compression socks anymore.  There is too much pressure on my knee due to the tightness of the top of the sock.  Sit on the side of the bike trail.  Remove shoes, remove socks.  Put shoes back on.  Pray for no blisters.  Tie compression socks together to make a bracelet of sorts.  Decide the bracelet is too bouncy.  Carry compression socks for the remaining 8 miles.
  • Oh hai HS prom date again. (To which he got a high five from my sweaty compression socked hand.  Eew.)
  • Oh, my music is off, I should turn that back on.
  • Nope, still bored.
  • What mile am I at??
  • How fast am I running?
  • I wonder what my HR is?  I'm guessing 155.  
  • It's kind of chilly in the shade.
  • I'm bored.
  • Mental note:  brain tends to break down ALWAYS in the middle 3/4 of a run.  Prepare for that during the marathon.
  • Zoned out.
  • GU, sweet glorious GU.
  • Puppies at the dog park.  Ruff!
  • OMG that was the longest five mile stretch of my life.
  • Turns up music really loud to zone out.  Somehow out of thoughts for the first time in my life.
  • I wonder if Kyle will just KNOW to have Redrossa pizza ready for my return.  Sends telepathic message to Kyle and Ollie with margherita pizza requested.
  • 2 miles left.  Hey, if this were a marathon, you'd still have TEN FREAKIN' MILES LEFT.  Shut up, self.
  • Ok, I'm tired.  Time for a hill?  Sure, why not.
  • I can't believe the sun is almost setting as I'm getting done with this run.  
  • Finish strong.  Man it'd be nice to have some data to back up that strong finish.
  • Done.  Stop to pause garmin.  Lolz, it's been dead for 9 miles, remember?
Was this boring?  Now you know how I feel.  I need some running partners stat.  Or I just need to get speedier stat so I can run with my old running partners.

So the compression sock thing did NOT work out.  Wow.  My knee was super swollen when I took the compression sock off, because I'm guessing the fluid had to settle there since it couldn't go down due to my compression socks.  I can't wait to finally be done with the knee strap, because I'll totally give this another go.  Does anyone have success with knee strap + compression socks?  any tips??

And I totally got my margherita pizza and beer post-run.  Mmmm.... totally worth that extra ten pounds.


Dom and Trey said...

My favorite part of a LR is when I've been running for 3-5 miles and I totally daze off. That's the best. Nice run!

Kathy said...

I love this post. The last couple of solo long runs I have seriously wanted to take notes on the random thoughts to force my husband to listen to them when it's done. This Friday I'm doing 18 with 14 at MP, and I'm doing it.

..:danielle:.. said...

bogus, i wish the compression socks had worked for you. ugh. also wish i lived closer. this was not boring to me, it is exactly what happens.

Anonymous said...

I like the new look :) You are going to do the Earth Day half??!! In St. Cloud? I might do that race again next year! Also, Twin Cities Marathon is on my bucket list for next year :)