Monday, October 14, 2013

Spring Race Plans

I swear, 90% of my runs are spent thinking "what's next??" and this training cycle is no different.  I previously posted about my spring marathon possibilities here.  I had those ponderings back when marathon training was going swimmingly, and I assumed my injury issues were cured!  Not so fast young grasshoppah.

Since I've started the 18-20 mile long runs of this session, I'm realizing that I still have some work to do on my running form.  Which is ok, I'm willing to put in the work, but it is a bummer that the tail end of this training cycle wasn't RUN ALL OF THE MILEZ like I originally planned.  Instead of planning for a spring marathon, I think I will continue to work on my form and consistent mileage post-Madison marathon.

I hope to maintain 35-45 miles per week while staying healthy and running with good strong form.  At that sort of weekly mileage, I think it would be best for me to focus on the half marathon this spring.  And HUZZAH I LOVE THE HALF MARATHON!!!

The best part about half marathons, imo, is that they take minimal time to recover from.  Unlike the marathon that usually has me broken for 3-4 weeks.  Uff.  Because our weather is so stinkin' unpredictable, it's really nice to have a few races pegged as "goal races" so that if the weather blows, you have a back up 2-3 weeks down the road.

So my spring race options include:
  1. Get Lucky Half.  This is in Mpls and the weekend of St. Patty's day.  It's usually freezing cold on St. Patty's day though, and I do enjoy celebrating the holiday so perhaps not.
  2. NYC All-State Half.  I've been planning to visit Susan in NYC for ages, perhaps that time is this spring!
  3. Irishman 5mile/5k/1m.  Or any one of those singular races.  If I'm racing a bunch of halfs, a nice 5 mile race would be good to throw in for spice.
  4. Earth Day Half.  This is in St. Cloud MN which is a bit of a drive, but a bunch of my runner friends do it every year, and I do enjoy race buddy weekends.  It's a super hilly course, so that could be...challenging.
  5. River Rat Half.  This is my PR race, and I'm still not entirely sure how that happened because it was the hardest course ever.  However, it's a super lowkey race, so I could certainly register the morning of in the event of gorgeous weather.
  6. Brookings Half.  This is 99.9% a go.  It's super cheap.  It's super close to home.  And Megan has agreed to eat mexican food with me after the race.  I'm also fairly certain I can get Kyle and his parents to cheer for me, and possibly even my parents to make the trek up.  Also Dominique might make the trek up for the full!
  7. Fargo Half.  I didn't love the marathon, but I think the half would be great.  Is anyone doing the half??
  8. Avera 10k.  My 10k PR course.  Would be nice to update that along with the half in spring 2014, right??

Eeeny, meany, miny mo!

Pssssst.  If you're reading my blog in a reader, feel free to click over real quick to look at my new blog design.  I figured after 5 years, my blog needed a little facelift.  Also my hair is no longer blonde, so I thought I'd update the header pics.  You're welcome.  :)


Kathy said...

I vote for Get Lucky. Team Ortho knows how to put on a race (and post-race party). Maybe check out Dam to Dam in Des Moines first weekend in June, too. If you don't have a 20k, it's a new PR.

Kristin Miller said...

Come to NYC! You'll meet Lambeau Puppy!!! :-) It will be my fifth year running this race, free beer afterwards!!!

Susan said...

NYC NYC! I'm 99% sure you'll get into the NYC Half and I won't, but I'll be cheering like crazy in cheer!