Friday, October 25, 2013

Trick or Treat Trail Run 10k Goals

Tomorrow I'm running my 2nd 10k of 2013.  My first one was in June and was my first race of 2013.  Whoa.  For that race, I had hoped to run sub-9 miles, and I ran a 55:40 for a pace of 8:57.  I have run a LOT of miles since June, but very few speedy ones.  With my injury prone body, I can either do lots o' miles or speed, both and my legs fall off.  Since I was super out of shape I focused on miles.

So my goal for tomorrow's 10k will be..... ???

  • Sub 53.  This is pretty unlikely unless I have some hidden speed tucked away somewhere.
  • Sub 54.  This is probably a better goal time.  8:43 pace sounds decently hard but not impossible.
  • Sub 55.  This was actually my A goal for June, dodging the flooding in the middle of the road caused me to suck at running tangents, and probably caused the extra 40 seconds.  Or so I'm telling myself.
I'm still debating wearing a costume for the race.  I've always wanted to dress as a banana for a race.  

Any costume suggestions that are still easy to run in??

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Susan said...

Bumble bee? Black shorts, make a yellow/black striped top, get a headband antenna thing? I'm the worst at costumes...