Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Marathon Day Forecast

Most people who train and run/race marathons know that weather plays a HUGE factor in your race day performance.  My first marathon I counted down the days to race day, but I also counted down the days to 15 days out from the race day--getting my first glimpse at the raceday forecast for Green Bay, WI.  For my next marathon in Las Vegas, I found accuweather that forecasted a 21 day forecast.  Now I could enjoy a side of weather forecast freakout with my sunny side up taper mania.  Yayzies!

So imagine my surprise after my last 20 miler, when I bopped on to accuweather, three weeks out from Madison to find that the extended forecast NOW RAN FOR 45 DAYS OUT.  Whoa.  This adds a whole new element of crazy to marathon training.

Race day, and the 2+/- days before/after it all look perfect.  AND, most importantly (or perhaps just equally as important?) is that there are no major blizzards/ice storms leading up to race day, as I'm driving to Madison.  Phew!  Bring on the excessive race day weather stalking!


Renee said...

Perfect for runners. Cold for spectators :)

danielle said...


Lisa @ Cow Spots and Tales said...

I'm such a crazy weather checker before big races. Hope things go awesome!!