Monday, October 21, 2013

Confessions from Peak Week

Well that really crept up on us (=me) didn't it?  Peak week has come and gone, and we're rolling in to taper town for the Madison Marathon.  Eeps.

Time spent in compression socks:  80%?

Beers drank:  4 + whatever I consume during the Packers game

Froyo cravings:  1

DQ Blizzard cravings:  1

Froyo/Bliz cravings cured by Kyle bringing them home:  2

Miles ran:  47

Number of times run:  5

Number of runs missed:  1.  I had a 3 miler to make an even 50 miles, but my hip was SO TIGHT I didn't want to risk not getting in my final 20 miler just to hit 50 miles for the week.

Ab sessions achieved:  3

Hip sessions achieved:  3

Mental (running) breakdowns occurred:  1/2?  I wanted to quit my 20 miler because my legs felt like trash from the get go today.

Mental (running) breakdowns conquered:  1/2!  I didn't quit.

GUs eaten: 6.  Blech.

Solo miles:  43

Miles with friends:  4 super slow recovery miles with Jenn J. Thanks for running pokey with me!

Speedy miles:  2? ish?

Hilly miles:  16

Nights where I ate chips and queso, crackers and goat cheese for dinner in lieu of running:  1

Number of runs I contemplated my marathon race day strategy:  All of them.  (I think I may have landed on my plan, whoop!)

Number of nights Ollie gave me the stank eye for going to run instead of snuggling with her on the couch:  All of them.

Books read:  0. Peak week means early bed times aka no time to read I guess. :(

Number of times it was probably too cold to run in shorts but I did anyway:  3

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Kristin Miller said...

Dairy Queen is the best. Period. And a Packers win! Hope you enjoyed plenty of beers!!!