Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekly Reads: Attachments

While waiting ever so patiently not at all patiently for my library to obtain Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl, I took it upon myself to pick up an older book of hers to feed my author crush, Attachments.

In Attachments, Lincoln O'Neill is the IT guy/internet "watchman" at the Tribune newspaper.  He works crazy overnight hours, and his primary task is to read emails flagged by the systems watchdog, and hand out warnings to staff members.  Beth and Jennifer's personal email exchanges show up a lot, but for some reason he never gives them a warning.  He actually likes reading their messages.  And before too long, he finds himself falling for Beth.  Beth, who has a boyfriend.  Whom he's never actually met.  Pick up this book for a quirky tale of potential romance.  And for God's sake, pick up the rest of Rainbow Rowell's books too, while you're at it.

My rating:  4/5 stars.

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