Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Aramco Houston Half Marathon Training Week 5 and 6

I started my week as usual at a gentle vinyasa class on Monday morning at the studio. We focused on triangle and I learned a ton, per usual. The instructor is so awesome, i wish I could copy/paste her yogi knowledge into my brain!

Tuesday I convinced my co-worker to come with me to my first (and her first) ever barre class. My friend Jenn is obsessed, and promised it'd give me the much needed glute work I'm seeking. She was right. It was hard, but a good hard? I really liked it, and I'm thankful Emily came with me, so I wouldn't be too chicken to go alone. Also, the pic below makes me LOLZ every time I look at it.

I meant to go to a touch class Thanksgiving morning, but my bed just sounded magical. And before I went to bed I noticed there was a waitlist and I figured I shouldn't go if I was just on the fence about going if something else REALLY wanted to go. Or something like that.

Friday I had off for working Saturday and started my day at the yoga studio at 7am to scoop up some great sales. I came back later that morning for a Shake and Flow class: 30 minutes of barre and a 30 minute yoga flow. Awesome.

And later that day, I headed downtown to race a 5k. No wonder my legs were pooped at 2.35 miles. I forgot I put them through this class. Derp.

I went to the Tuesday night barre class yet again, and I swear we spent 60 minutes doing glute work. Mine actually locks up during certain moves which is just extra special, but it has to help my running right? Or at the very least make my booty look amazing in tights. Def one of the two though I think.

I went to another barre class Thursday morning before work and it was the hardest one yet. I normally don't sweat during barre, but that wasn't the case today. The instructor did things with her legs that I can't even fathom my body doing. Impressive. And challenging, like whoa.

Saturday morning I got to attend my first yoga class in FOREVER. I had a crazy weird work week, so I couldn't go to any of my normal classes and for a creature of habit, I HATED IT. I did a power vinyasa class and it was tough and awesome. And sweaty.

Sunday morning I attended another power vinyasa class where we played around with more dancer pose and mermaid pose which was tons of fun. And a bazillion chaturangas. Woof.

And then Sunday evening I returned to a packed house for restorative yoga. I could tell I hadn't gone to restorative for awhile because everything was so incredible tight. Woof.

I had big plans to get my long run in between the two yoga classes, as the forecast was for mid 40s! Except then it was freezing rain and 35 mph wind gusts and a real feel of 19. Meh.

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Susan said...

I have so many mixed opinions about barre classes. I did them for a month (one of my nurse coworkers is an instructor), and it was really hard when I was in class (hello, not flexible at all), but I never felt different after I left. But soooo much shaking happened during the class!