Thursday, December 18, 2014

Aramco Houston Half Marathon Training Week 7

Week seven of training brought more yoga and a run! It almost brought two whole runs, but I decided to not get carried away. :P I should probably rename these blog posts to "weekly yoga run down" but whatever.

Monday I went to my favorite gentle vinyasa class in which we focused on chaturangas. So it was anything but easy or gentle. Uff. But we did get to work on proper form and I'm still aware that I'm not strong enough to do them properly for a full class. Noted.

Tuesday I went to Barre with my co-worker Emily. It was tough but fun. Especially with a buddy.

Wednesday I jetted to the running store straight from work to make it for the group run. Our route was different this go around and we set out looking for Christmas lights! We went by an old house I used to live in, so I took them down my favorite street from when I first started running distances 8-9 years ago. Craziness, right? I got to run with the speedier group, but in reality they slowed down a bit so I wouldn't be running around town solo in the dark. Thanks guys! We had to stop at a bunch of stoplights and somewhere along the way I forgot to restart my garmin, so the time is an estimate of when we left the store to when we returned with our stop light stops factored in.

And then I rushed straight to a packed yoga studio for restorative yoga. Classes have been packed for the challenge, so we were practically stretching on top of each other. Uff.

I had the day off on Friday and had big plans to hit some yoga classes and do a long run, and somehow that ended up being just an incredibly lazy day with the pug.

Saturday I worked and Sunday I started the day with a power vinyasa yoga class. Showered, went to work, and then had big plans to head back to restorative yoga after work, but I felt like I was dying. I felt fluish and felt like I shouldn't spread that to everyone. Spread Christmas cheer, not death flu. PSA.

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