Friday, December 5, 2014

November in Review + Goals

Total Miles: 12.1 down from 40.8 down last month.  Down from 43.8 last November. 

Total Time:  2:00:00 down from 7:48:11 last month. 

Total Runs: 5

Highest weekly mileage: 5.1 miles 11/3-11/9 :|

Favorite run: Group run at 605 Running Co, where I actually got to run with people. Normally I'm either bringing up the rear, by myself, or I'm in the middle of two groups. Ho hum.

Most hardcore run: Group run where I attempted to chase the lead group. Tempo'd for 2.5 miles and then cooled down the last .4.

Favorite race: The Jingle Bell 5k

Bike Miles: 0.

Yoga Classes: 12 fitness classes, including 2 barre, 1 yoga sculpt, 2 restorative yoga classes, 4 gentle vinyasa classes, and 3 power vinyasa classes. 12 hours total!

Favorite Jam: Taylor Swift's Out of the Woods. On repeat over here. STILL. Really her whole album.

November Goals

  • Group run once/week (2/4)
  • 1 hard fitness class/week (5/4)
  • 1 restorative yoga class/week (2/4)
  • Strong 6 mile race on Turkey Day--I ended up doing the 5k the day after Turkey Day because it was MUCH nicer. I did run decent though! 
  • Win NaNoWriMo! Done and Done!

December Goals

    • 1 hard yoga class/week (X/4)
    • 1 easy yoga class/week (X/4)
    • 2 runs/week (X/8)
    • 1 buddy run/group run a week (X/4)

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