Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Aramco Houston Half Marathon Training Week 8

Monday started with gentle vinyasa yoga, where we focused on tree and airplane poses.

I worked late for a co-worker on Tuesday night, so I got to sneak in another morning power vinyasa class. This was the first class that I had pruney fingers after I sweat so much.

Wednesday I took a rest day to celebrate Kyle and my 3 year anniversary. And Thursday I got out of bed at 5am to head to another power vinyasa class. I was able to get side crow for milliseconds on each side. Yayzies.

Saturday I went to yet another power vinyasa class (can you tell which yoga class is my favorite??) and the Christmas music in savasana inspired me to find this sweet elf on the shelf yoga pic.

Sunday I went to yet another power vinyasa yoga class and met my co-worker/friend Emily there. Which is great, because it means I had a witness to view me doing crow successfully! Wahoo!!

So yet another week with zero miles ran, and houston half is in four weeks? three weeks? Should be fun... :/ 

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