Monday, December 29, 2014

Bah Hum Pug, Scrooges

Hope you all had great OllieDays! Kyle and I got matching pug shirts, so I felt it was necessary that we took a trillion Christmas photos. Please enjoy.

My pug sweater for work on Chistmas eve.

Kyle and his bestie.

Ollie can't get over the beauty of the tree!

Kyle and I made brunch for my parents on Christmas morning. And after doing my part, I enjoyed some bubbles. And a selfie. Obvs.
Rein(pug)deer games.

My favorite present is this little face. The sweater is SO CUTE.

Ollie loves her grandpa.

I chose a photo in which Ollie looks bad, because Kyle looks SO GOOD. He never has a real smile in photos. This is a christmas miracle, I tell ya.

Me and my baby girl.

And then I had fun taking selfies while waiting for Kyle to get gas. Who knew that gas station parking lots had such great light?!?!

Super natural pose, duh. Last selfie as a 30 year old!

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Susan said...

Tell Kyle to smile more often! And Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!!