Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Anniversary

A little over four years ago, this dude in a Minnesota Twins hat came up to me at a bar after a friend's Christmas party to introduce himself. We spent the rest of the night at a table by ourselves drinking and getting to know each other. When the bar was closing, a sober friend pulled up to drive some of us home, and without thinking, I dashed out into the snow banks and got in.

And then realized that I just ditched this super cute nice guy without giving him my number.


Jerbear fail.

I texted my friend who hosted the Christmas party and asked her to ask her husband to text Kyle my number. [Ballsy Jeri: 1]

Before I got home, I had a text from him, "Uh, Barry gave me your number, hope that's ok. This is Kyle by the way."

And then we spent the whole next day texting each other while laying horizontally on our respective couches in our respective homes watching football and getting to know each other more.

By the next weekend we went on our first date, which was four years ago today, only because I turned down his offer to hang out with him and his friends at a bar to watch MNF two days after we met. Sorry bro, you can take me on a real date first, kthx. :)

He's the best pug dad a pug mom could ask for. And he's the best friend a Jerbear could want. Thanks for being my love and my weirdo, KK.


Renee said...

Aww, you guys are adorable.

Kristin Miller said...

Too cute!!! Happy anniversary!!! We never remembered to mark our first official date since we've been friends for so long. Wish we had!!!

Susan said...

Happy anniversary!!

Not to sound weird, but I like our weirdness - I feel like we "get" each other.

Back to you and Kyle - hooray!