Friday, September 21, 2018

605 Race Crew Night + Race Expo

The Friday night of the Sioux Falls race weekend, the 605 Race Crew met up for some socializing and good beer at WoodGrain Brewing Co. Melissa and I met up early to get some dinner. We picked up sushi masa, and since WG doesn't have food, they let you bring dinner in. We had some delicious beers and caught up with old running friends, and even met some new, super speedy ones.

We all were told to wear our 605 team shirts, and I was hoping we'd snap a picture, but all of the 605 staff was milling about at the expo trying to get everything set up after Donald Trump's visit to South Dakota through a wrench into the schedule for the day. Eye roll.

Saturday morning, I got up later than I wanted to get in my shake out run, and then made my way to the expo. I was excited that 605 Running Co. brought back their race predictions, this year including an adorable polaroid camera. Chelsey messed up writing down my time, but I should've kept it, because she was closer than I was! I guess 2:02:42 and she wrote 2:02:02. The winner was SPOT ON and had done the marathon. And best yet, the person's coach was the one that predicted it. How's that for knowing your athlete's abilities?!

I took a break and enjoyed ten minutes of recovery at one of the booths and chatted up my running friend Nichole while I was there. I had so many people stop by while I was stuck and wonder what the heck I was doing. They're great.

Then a group of us decided we all needed to buy the same shirt, after I had told myself that I definitely didn't need it. Look how cute they are though!

And a picture with my bib before I left. Lucky number 64! This expo has gotten better and better. When I first started running this race, packet pick up was in the Scheels in the middle of an aisle. When it was first taken over by Sports Authority it was in the same arena, but it was laughable how big the site was compared to the vendors. It was basically a packet pick up booth with maybe 1-2 other booths. This year, and last year, it started to feel like a legit race expo. There were tons of people I know who were planning to go that weren't even racing this year. That's a sign of a good expo. Keep it up!

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