Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Twin Cities Marathon Training Week 12

Monday Planned: Recovery+ speedy 7 miles with 6x100
Monday Actual: Recovery 3 miles. My right hip was a little cranky, so I opted for an easy 3 miles instead of 7. I think my body will be happier next Monday if I add in a recovery run Sunday, so this should do the trick!

Tuesday Planned: Med-long 11 Miles
Tuesday Actual: Med-long 11 miles with Chris in all the heat and wind blowing from every single direction. WTH.

Wednesday Planned VO2 Max 10 miles, 4x1200 @ 5k
Wednesday Actual
Recovery 4 Miles. I opted to push my speed work to Thursday since I shifted my long run to Sunday. My legs still weren't feeling 100%.

Thursday Planned Rest
Thursday Actual
VO2 Max 10 miles, 4x1200 @ 5k. Woof. This was terrible. It was so dark and I couldn't see the road and that doesn't lead to a very fast speed session.

Friday Planned: Recovery 4 Miles
Friday Actual: Rest day. After 7 days of running in a row, I was in need of a rest day. Sweet sweet rest day.

Saturday PlannedLong run 20 miles
Saturday Actual: 4 mile recovery run. Had to take walk breaks to keep my heart rate low enough for a recovery zone because it was hotter than hades out. Woof. I even had this guy's company for the first mile. :)

Sunday PlannedRest
Sunday Actual: Long run 20 miles. Melissa and I moved our long runs to Sunday to enjoy some church of the long run, and work around some other life fun scheduling things. The miles literally flew by. Night and day compared to my previous 20 miler. Phew!

Total Mileage Planned: 52 miles
Total Mileage Actual:  52.18 miles

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