Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Did you miss me?

Sorry for the extreme neglect in the blog world. I've felt pretty uninspired to write, but luckily, extra inspired to run, so my apologies for that. My world's been a bit crazy. Anyway, moving on.

When we last met, I was limping through 1/2 mile. And pouting about it. After spending some time rolling my IT bands with a rolling pin, I felt soooo much better! Thursday morning I woke up, did some more rolling and stretching and headed out for a run. I did a 3 miler at an easy pace. When I first started out I had some pain, but once the legs warmed up I was golden. I was letting myself cut it short at 2 if I wanted to, but leggies wanted 3, so I gave it to them.

3 miles in 28:40 for a 9:34 pace.
1. 9:35
2. 9:29 (whoopsidaisy, need to pull the reigns in a bit)
3. 9:36

Friday I was toying with skipping my run after work, because I just didn't feel like running. Then I remembered how BADLY I wanted to run on Wednesday and couldn't, and decided to take advantage of my legs feeling good.

4 miles in 37:27 for a pace of 9:22.
1. 9:25
2. 9:25
3. 9:20
4. 9:16

Friday night was not-so-fun and resulted in me getting a whopping 2 hours of sleep before my Saturday shift. I may or may not have been prompted to sprint a 1/2 mile or so barefoot for reasons that shall not be revealed. The one thing I thought the next morning, "dang, I wish I would've had my Garmin on. I was bookin it." :p

Saturday was less than stellar and my stomach was KILLING ME. I couldn't eat or really even drink much, so doing a run was not even an option. I did go on a loverly walk with one of my favorite people in the world to talk/vent/brainstorm life ideas. We also may or may not have cut down fabulous spirally branches for her wedding centerpieces. I kept watch. :)

Sunday (is this play by play boring or what? this is what I get for not posting for a week. so sorry!) I finally had some food for fuel in preparation for my 9 miler. It was such a beautiful run. The leaves have started to fall so every step was a crunch-crunch. There is something just so blissfully beautiful and calming about fall. I think my 9 miler served as my therapy session for the weekend, and I'd be lying if I said some tears weren't shed. But there was also a lot of smiling and a lot of thinking.

I took the pace slower than I had been taking my long runs while training for the half, mostly because the legs still only feel about 95% and there's no sense getting hurt running 9 miles while training for a 5k. :p And yes, in case you were curious, it was happy couple evening on the bike trails apparently, and it was quite annoying. :)

I did 9 miles in 1:24:25 for a pace of 9:23.
1. 9:33
2. 9:23
3. 9:25
4. 9:31
5. 9:32
6. 9:27
7. 9:12 (chasing down a couple of runners here. stupid competitiveness. :p)
8. 9:14
9. 9:03

Somewhere in the aftermath of the long run, I forgot that I typically ice bath for runs longer than 8 miles, and just jumped in the shower instead. My legs were quite sore on Monday. Arrgh. Stupid Jeri.

Monday I did an easy 4 miles to loosen up the legs. I did a different route than normal and ended up doing a really hilly route. Lame-o for a recovery run. It helped me to keep my pace slooooow which I'm grateful for.

4 miles in 39:12 for a pace of 9:47.
1. 9:46
2. 9:51
3. 9:45
4. 9:44

It was ridiculously cold yesterday. Oh my. I had to bust out the running tights and a long sleeved shirt!! Unfortunately for me, I couldn't find my running underoos, so I spent the whole run freaking out about the possibility of splitting my running tights for the whole city to see. Ay ay ay, that would be no good. :) Beautiful fall weather, where did you go? The cold weather did prompt me to watch Elf, which always leads to a happy Jerbear. I love me some elf & Christmas.

Today the legs actually feel 100%. I might still do an easy run and then tackle a speed workout tomorrow. I've desperately missed my speed workouts. I feel the need for SPEED! Wow, that was the lamest thing ever.

In exciting news, I have a HUUUUUUUUGE list of crazy crafty-ish projects that I'm going to be working on in the near future, so keep your eyes out for some pics and sweet ideas. When life throws you lemons, make a list! :)


Anonymous said...

Glad your IT band issues are going away!! And glad to have you back in the bloggy world!

Swing over to get entered into my giveaway!

Morgan said...

We did miss you!

Isn't it funny how a run can be such therapy... I don't think a non-runner could ever get that, how we can cry on a run and call it a great run. Sometimes you need to get it out and during a run is one of the best times!

Glad you're feeling better girl!

KAT said...

I have missed your posts :)
But I'm super glad that your running is going pretty well!

X-Country2 said...

Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

YES we (I) missed you! so, welcome back :) I've had many-a-therapy run in the last year or so. I hearrrr ya. glad the legs are behaving (i.e. rested up) again, that usually helps too!

Lacey Nicole said...

WHEW!!! i followed along, hehe. i actually like going day by day when you write itout like that because it's easy to follow. a lot to catch up on, but hey that's good- you were running just like you wanted to!!!!! i think the day you didn't feel like going and then did b/c you remembered the previous day's feeling is a perfect point to make. who knows when we'll feel bad or good, i love running when i feel good, i hate running when i'm in pain or dragging.

totally hear you on forgetting the ice bath on occasion and then paying for it! booo

Bob said...

I'm just starting to run. How do you run in the winter months? Do you still go outside or run inside on a treadmill? I really hate treadmills.


RunToTheFinish said...

you really do need to make sure you give your body adequate time to recover before hoping back in to too much hard running.. seriously it's surprising how much an awesome race like that can take out of you

glad the legs are feeling good

The Washingtons said...

hi sunshine! welcome back...you were missed. :)

Heather said...

Nice runs in there! Run therapy is the best (so much cheaper than retain therapy!).

Jamie said...

Welcome back to blogging and running! You have had some awesome running happening so soon after your big race. Glad to hear you are feeling better :)