Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm a Television Star + Recovery

So I probably wasn't the smartest runner post-race.  I was so super crazy excited about how well the race went that I spent a long time just standing in the same place.  After the crowd cleared out a bit, I made my way to the line for the massages--bah!  More standing, no stretching.  Then, of course, as soon as I got home, I started looking at race results online, delaying the ice bath.  Because of that, my legs were a bit sore yesterday and still today, mainly my quads.  Given they are NOTHING compared to past races when I've wanted to die rather than walk up/down stairs.  :p

Yesterday I did a 30 minute Sun Salutation yoga routine.  I actually had to stop halfway through it to "regroup."  It did get my muscles nice and warmed so I could stretch them out some.

Today I had planned on doing some biking and yoga.  I went to the gym and did some easy rolling hills for 45 minutes at a low level of difficulty, we're talking 3-4 here.  I went 7.88 miles and when I was done my legs felt like jello.  Considering I haven't biked in probably 4-5 months, I suppose that's to be expected.  I stretched really well afterward, but the area of tenderness/soreness on the outside of my quads seems to be unstretchable.  I did try out some Biofreeze that I scored during the Wild West Relay and that seemed to help.  Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and be healed.  :)  I do have my first run post-race planned for tomorrow for an easy 2-3 miles.  I hope the legs are up for it, because I'm going a bit stir crazy without running.

In more half marathon news (yup, still riding a bit of a high from Sunday), I made the local news!  Yes, you officially "know" a celebrity.  If you'd like an autograph, please send a self address stamped envelope to me and I will send back an official finisher photo with my John Hancock on it.  Jk, I never buy my race pics, you think I'm going to buy one for you?  Heck no!  :p  Anyway, watch the video below (who's impressed that I was able to embed this video?  ME!).  I make my brief appearance around 8-10 seconds in on the far left side in green, obviously.

In other post races news, I do have some race statistics that I didn't report previously.
Division Place: 45 out of 148
Gender Place: 132 out of 559
Overall Place: 357 out of 971

winning the 5k earlier this summer, Taylor's friends have it in their heads that I'm this awesome runner.  One of them asked what my place was, and he was shocked that I didn't know.  #357 is not one that really sticks in your head.  :p

Also, the Vice President of my agency came down to my office today to see how my race went this weekend (!!!!).  I was shocked.  I had mentioned that I was running it at a potluck lunch we had about 2 months back and he said he used to be a runner back in the day.  I thought it was very sweet that he actually remembered and cared enough to seek me out to see how I had done.  :)

And finally, as I mentioned in my
half-marathon race report, I had tried to run BTTW for the final 5k of the race.  After quickly calculating my time for the last 5k, I realized that I had run in it 26:03 (or close to that, I don't feel like double checking my mental math).  When I got to looking at the 5ks I've done this year, I realized that the 5k I did in March, which was a PR by 45 seconds, was a 25:48.  In less than six months, I have improved my speed and endurance enough to run almost the equivalent after racing 10 miles immediately before.  I am shocked, but really just very proud of the dedication and effort that I have put in to training for 2009.  I'm excited to see what else these legs can do, hope you'll continue to join me for the journey.

Thanks sooooo much for all your comments, congrats, etc.  They are all greatly appreciated!  :)


Mica said...

You have worked really hard these last few months. No wonder you have such awesome times!!

I love your celebrity moment. Work it, lady!

Jamie said...

I'm so excited I kind of know a celebrity :)

You've done some incredible work leading up to this race. Again awesome job. You are going to do even more kick ass in Dallas! Now I wish I was running that one this year!

RunToFinish said...

dang girl you are a regular running celebrity!! way to go!

seriously great job on keeping up the workouts in the days after, but remember your body really does need some serious recovery time to make sure you don't get injured

Shannon said...

That's awesome that you made it on tv! :) Also, very sweet that the VP asked how you did!

Lacey Nicole said...

I SAW YOU!!!! you looked great!!! that is AWESOME! you ARE an awesome runner, i'm so not surprised you are "known"-- if you run all the time, word is going to get around...!! :)

you have worked hard and it is totally showing up in your times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go :) this makes me happy :)

and lol "in the green of course!"


Glenn Jones said...

Way to go Jer! Yup - I saw the green flash run past!

This is a great job of training and is really as textbook as it gets! Now it's time to take a few days off an do some recovery time so you can avoid injury.

John said...

Great race, Jeri - you should be really proud of how far you've come this year. The hard work has paid off!

X-Country2 said...

That's awesome about the VP coming to check in. Excellent boss skills, and you deserved the congrats!

J said...

Wow totally cool the VP came in and talked to you! Great job and get some rest!